OpTic Spratt Completes Rainbow Diamond Challenge in BO4

OpTic Spratt Completes Rainbow Diamond Challenge in BO4 Esports Gaming

OpTic Spratt is a content creator for OpTic Gaming. Find out the challenge he finally unlocked in Black Ops 4.

OpTic Spratt Completes Rainbow Diamond Challenge in BO4

Treyarch always injects cute challenges to achieve in every Black Ops game. We’ve seen the early days of getting different color variations of your weapons for completion certain tasks in-game, whether its to get 100 headshots with your weapon, or using your weapon with no attachments, gamers have gone to extreme lengths to accomplish these tasks.

Well TreyArch out did themselves with the new Rainbow Diamond color camo. It’s unlike any weapon objective we’ve seen, and some players have been trying to accomplish this difficult task in-game.

Well, OpTic Spratt can join the list of heavy weights who were able to, “legitimately” achieved the Rainbow Diamond challenge in Black Ops IIII (congrats!).

How to Get the Rainbow Diamond Camo

It’s not an easy task to get the Rainbow Diamond camo in BO4, which is why OpTic Spratt swung his arms in the air with a sign of relief, and accomplishment for getting the coveted camo.

So how do you get this camo? Well, it starts off with first unlocking the Diamond camo for your gun. You need to get that before anything (duh). Once you attach the camo to your gun and enter a game, you need to get 35 kills without dying to unlock the Rainbow Diamond camo.

TreyArch added color increments which is pretty cool, and they are as follows:

5 kills = Purple Diamond

10 kills = Green Diamond

15 kills = Blue diamond

20 Kills = Orange Diamond

25 Kills = Teal Diamond (Brutal)

30 Kills = Red Diamond

35 kills = Rainbow Diamond

Some streamers have tested beyond the 100 mark in private matches which yields nothing. Game Life doubts anyone has went over that mark, but with TreyArch, you never know how crazy they can get with easter eggs as they have proved in the past (Batman easter egg in Black Ops 2).

OpTic Spratt Getting the Rainbow Diamond

In order to get consecutive kills, you need to play a game mode that allows you to kill the enemy more than 5 times without the round ending. So game modes Heist and Search and Destroy don’t count, but every other mode is game on.

OpTic Spratt is on the map PayLoad, playing Kill Confirmed. He’s got the Paladin HB50 equipment, a deadly sniper rifle that gives a one-shot kill anywhere above the chest and up. You can see the clip below where Spratt posted it on his twitter page of he 36 second clips of achieving the Rainbow Diamond camo. He’s near the enemy spawn quick scoping them from a distance.

At one point he gets shot at, losing 50% of the health only to recuperate with his stim shot. But it’s too late for the other team as that last kill proved to be the one that secured him the amazing camo!


Congradulations to Optic Spratt on his persistence and resiliance never to give up for the coveted camo in Black Ops IIII. Salute!


Full footage of Gameplay Leading up to the Rainbow Diamond Camo:

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