OpTic Scump Shows Off His New Shoes. Everyone Loves It.

OpTic Scump Show Twitch Subscribers Shoe Air Prestos Nike x Virgil Abloh The Ten Esports
Image source: twitch.tv/scump

OpTic Scump was streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 with his gang when someone in the chatbox asked him what shoes he was sporting. Scump, being the down-to-earth gamer we all know and love, went ahead and showed off his new kicks. This is what he’s got on.

Scump Loves his Fans

Scump, aka Seth Abner is one of the most popular esports players around. This is partly due to his success with OpTic Gaming, and how his achievements in the esports industry are far and wide. He’s one of the faces of the OpTic Gaming organization, and has stayed loyal and true to the team for many years.

Another reason why Seth Abner is highly popular is due to his positive attitude and what he brings to the game. He’s highly engaging with his viewers and makes sure to call you out when you subscribe to his channel.

It’s because of his appreciation for his supporters that people have a great connection with him. His enthusiasm is really what puts a smile on everyone’s face. OpTic Scump’s Twitch channel continues to grow as he dedicates a lot of his time streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for his fans (and obviously to stay in top shape). Another reason Scump has so many followers is that people feel like they can connect with him, like he’s with them in their game room talking right back.

A lot of the times when a subscriber asks a question, he tries his best to answer when he’s not occupied.

During one of his streams, the topic of his controller came up. What does he use? Configuration? One user said, “Show us your controller“. Scump got out of his game screen and changed the settings to full screen on him. He then says, “Show us your controller… Yeah man.” Scump lifted his controller in front of the camera and showed everyone the front and back side of his controller (no paddles btw). A great way to stay engaged with his audience and interact when we can.

Scump Shows his Shoes

Scump was in a lobby with his OpTic Gaming teammates, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy and TJHaly. They just finished a CWL scrim match on Frequency when someone asked Scump about his kicks. Being Scump, he totally agreed and changed his view to full screen on him. That’s when Scump pulls back and shows off his sneakers.

What was great about that is he didn’t do is incredibly fast, he moved around to make sure everyone got a good view of what he was wearing in case they wanted to get the same shoe. But considering that the kicks he’s got on is quite expensive, it’s probably better not to look at the price tag. Someone who’s not well versed in sneakers won’t recognize the shoe right away which is where we come in.

OpTic Scump Show Twitch Subscribers Shoe Nike Air Prestos
Image source: twitch.tv/scump
What does OpTic Scump Wear?
OpTic Scump Show Twitch Subscribers Shoe Air Prestos Nike x Virgil Abloh The Ten
Image source: Nike

The big question is what was Scump wearing? Was it a custom shoe as the laces are in two different colors? The answer to that is no, they aren’t exactly custom. He’s sporting the Nike x Virgil Abloh “The Ten”. It’s the Off White Presto in the original black/cream colorway. “The Ten”‘s are not exactly readily available. You can find them if you dig, but you’ll be paying premium for them. The shoes came with the different colored shoe laces, which is what Scump is wearing in the vid. It’s a good choice as the green represents OpTic colors and the orange represents Black Ops 4 colors. A good marriage to have.

Closer look at the Nike x Virgil Abloh “The Ten” that OpTic Scump is wearing

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