OpTic Scump is CWL King. Gets 1595 Points in 17 Secs.

OpTic Scump is CWL King. Gets 1595 Points in 17 Seconds. Call of Duty Esports GOD
Image source: MLG

King Scump was on cloud 9 in his last Call of Duty Black Ops 4 match. While playing on the map Morocco with his OpTic teammates, he went on an insane rampage, taking out everyone that was in his way. However, what’s more impressive is the stats associated with his rampage. He is definitely CWL Fort Worth ready.

King Scump

OpTic Scump is referred to as the King. There’s a reason for this. All of Scump’s past accomplishments, which in a nutshell is this. Two time XGames Gold Medalist, Call of Duty World Champion, and too many tournament wins to name. This is why he’s referred to as the king. He’s also been the longest running OpTic member which gives him the title of Captain of OpTic Gaming.

OpTic Scump Stats on Beast Mode

King Scump was playing scrims on Call of Duty Black Out 4 with his OpTic Gaming teammates. They were playing on Morocco, a small and intimate map for great up close battles, as Scump would soon be placed in.

While OpTic Scump was defending the hardpoint on the second floor pot room, he popped the Annihilator from Seraph and started his rampage. The rampage literally took 17 seconds of non-stop action. If someone was to tell you that Scump got 1595 points in 17 seconds, you probably would believe it, but you would need to see the insane clip. Here it is in all it’s glory.

Ready for CWL Fort Worth Open

King Scump whips out his Annihilator, and exhausts his bullets to get an insane scorestreak. With all of his kills in such little time, he earned the “Killchain” badge in the game which is killing consecutive enemies in a row quickly. For those who are interested in the points break down, he accumulated:

125, 150, 150. 150. 275, 125, 100, 110, 100, 100, 110, 100. Gets Killchain in 17 seconds.

King Scump 1595 Points in 17 Seconds Call of Duty Black Ops 4 OpTic Gaming

There’s no signs of OpTic Scump slowing down, and if anything, he’s been showing in his recent streams that he’s ready for the 2019 CWL Fort Worth Open. Bring, it, on.

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