OpTic Karma Gives The Biggest Beat Down With The Tempest [THROWBACK]

OpTic Karma Gives the Biggest Beat Down with the Tempest
  • With everything that is going on with OpTic Gaming and the new CDL, here’s a throwback of OpTic Karma earlier in the year giving a beat down with the tempest.

OpTic Karma Gives The Biggest Beat Down With The Tempest

NukeTown is an iconic Call of Duty Black Ops map. Since it’s debut in BO1, players instantly fell in love with it due to the close quarters and proximity battles. Since the beginning, players have been submitting their best montages of kllstreaks on the map, and Black Ops 4 is no exceptiojn. Due to the small size of the map, players can do all sorts of tricks, from trickshots to consecutive melee kills and much more. A huge part of this is the close-quarter combat and spawn areas. If you’re lucky, you can have one heck of an epic clip to record, which was the case with OpTic Karma.

Tearing it Down with the Prophet

OpTic Karma just shared a clip on Twitter showing a typical Nuke Town game… or so we thought. While 0n a nice killing steak, Karma pulls out the tempest and started bringing down the beat down quoting:

“This is the worst beat down I’ve ever put on any team”

OpTic Karma says that after laying down the enemies with a wave of lightning strikes from his Tempest.

Check out the epic clip below:

World Record?

@OpTicGaming must have been proud with this beat down. Having put down 7 enemies with the Tempest and then following through with the kills is insane. That has to be a record for the fastest beat down with the Tempest.

It would be interesting to see if someone out there in the Black Ops world keeps track of such metrics (which is highly unlikely), but that would be a stat we sure would like to see: What’s the highest Tempest Kill count? Since Dashy joined the team, Karma would have a temmate who was equally amazing with the tempest. Fans also saw that Dashy was able to tear things apart with the tempest as well, especially in major matches as was the case at CWL Vegas. Dashy came out as the tempest god after that tournament, however, Treyarch ended up nerfing the gun which took some of it’s power away. But that didn’t stop Dashy from using it.

Due to the uncertainty of what is going on in Call o Duty esports, we can appreciate old clips like this of a time when the team was united and things were looking good for them.

If you’re interested in following OpTic Karma, check out his twitter page here: 

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