OpTic Karma 1v1 Envoy from Gen.G. Who will win?

OpTic Karma 1v1 Envoy from Gen.G. Who will win CWL Esports

Fans were spoiled over the weekend when they witnessed the 1v1 between Dashy and Nagafen. But fans were lucky to see Karma 1v1 Envoy in the very next round. Who would win? Watch the video to find out.

OpTic Gaming vs Gen.G

Both teams entered CWL Fort Worth as favorites to win the entire event. OpTic Gaming, now back with one of their superstars, Dashy, were entering the tournament with some life. Gen.G, who were the #1 team entering the event were looking at keeping their title as the best current CWL team in the league. However, prior to the event, Ge.G picked up Envoy, who left the hot new team Midnight Esports. By adding Envoy to the squad, Gen.G became a stronger team.

Both teams were equally matched, with each side exchanging matches as the game progressed. It was evident that the series needed a game 5 in order to determine who was going to move on. The last map was Arsenal, and both teams were going to play Search and Destroy. At one point in the match, Gen.G were up 4-2, and OpTic Gaming were looking for some answers. In round 7, the answer was Dashy, who beat Nagafen 1v1 at the end of the round to make it 4-3. Just when fans thought they’ve seen it all, round 8 was just as special.

OpTic Karma 1v1 Envoy from Gen.G. Who will win?

Just as the last round ended, fans would see Karma 1v1 Envoy at the end of the round. This time things were a little different. Gen.G needed to plant the bomb, and it was a 1v2 scenario for Envoy. After Envoy took out TJHaly, he knew he had to plant the bomb immediately as the clock was ticking down with less than 10 seconds left. At that point, Karma was mid map covering the other bomb site. As soon as TJHaly died, he knew that Envoy had no choice but to plant the bomb at B site since Envoy wouldn’t have any time to flip to A side.

Right when TJHaly died, Karma instantly ran towards the bomb site B since that’s the only place Envoy would be able to plant. As Karma exited the corridor, he saw Envoy standing up planting the bomb. Trying to shoot him down, Envoy successfully planted the bomb and then threw a concussion grenade towards Karma, stunning him.

Although Envoy might have been able to finish Karma off, he took the safer route and went back behind the bomb to guard it. At this point Karma had no choice but to hunt him down, otherwise he wouldn’t have enough time to defuse it. That’s when Envoy popped up from the side of the bushes and took Karma out. It was literally do or die for Karma, and just as he turned away from the side bushes Envoy takes him down. OpTic Gaming eventually lost the match, and were eliminated from Fort Worth.

Karma vs Envoy 1v1 Duel Search and Destroy CWL Esport

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