OpTic Gaming loses Scrim. Karma Rages

OpTic Gaming loses Scrim. Karma Rages Esports CWL Call of Duty

OpTic Gaming is probably the best Call of Duty esports team to ever compete in the CWL. They have just dominated the CWL Vegas and are coming off of a high. A recent CWL scrim match had them lose on Hardpoint Hacienda; this is when Karma releases his anger.

The Best Call of Duty Esports Team

OpTic Gaming is an esports organization with divisions consisting of League of Legends, Overwatch, DOTA 2, Gears of Warm PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Fortnite. However, OpTic Gaming’s most popular division is Call of Duty due to the success the team has had in Call of Duty esports (CWL: Call of Duty World League). The team just came off a dominant showing at the CWL Vegas Open, winning every game and only conceding 3 maps (with a 0-2 comback sweep over Splyce).

OpTic’s WWII season last year was the first time since Modern Warfare 2 where the team failed to win a major championship, which shows how dominant OpTic Gaming has been through the years. With that kind of rich history comes a certain type of ego. You’re expected to win, you’re expected to be the best at all times. There’s a lot of pressure when playing on the top team in all of Call of Duty esports.

OpTic Gaming loses Scrim. Karma Rages

During one of OpTic Gaming’s scrims, they were playing on Hacienda. It was the entire squad consisting of Scump, Crimsix, Dashy, TJHaly and Karma. Towards the end of the match OpTic was far behind when it was 244 to their 174 in Hardpoint time. OpTic has pulled out magic tricks in the past, specifically in the past CWL Vegas where they’ve been down countless of times, specifically down on Seaside Hardpoint. They were able to bounce back and pull out the win which everyone thought it was over for them.

OpTic Gaming loses Scrim. Karma Damon Barlow Angry Rage Esports
Image source: Twitter

Unfortunately, this time around they were not able to bounce back, as the 2nd Hardpoint location (Garage Lamo) was held down by the opposing team. At one point OpTic Karma was closing in on the backside of the garage where the opposing team’s “Battery” shot a nade near him, and then shot him down.

The sticky nade definitely caught Karma off-guard for a split second, which was all that was needed for the enemy to take him down.


It seemed that many of the OpTic members were disappointed, but no one other than Karma was more vocal. After they were defeated you can hear Karma, incredibly angry saying:

“These guys are fu**ing ass bro this is bullshit. This is BULL-SH** dude. This sh** it bullsh**. Bro like I tried my hardest dude it is bullsh*t”.

We’ve all been there where we try our hardest and come up short in the end. Perhaps the other team just had the edge during that one game, and if OpTic plays them 9 other times (out of 10), they might probably win all 9. Or perhaps it can be a bad connection to the host depending on where the other team is from.

Recently OpTic Dashy had experienced a bad connection and wasn’t able to use the tempest.

OpTic Gaming loses Scrim. Karma Damon Barlow Angry Rage Esports Black Ops 4
Image source: twitch.tv/scump

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