OpTic Gaming Get Swept by 100 Thieves. Time to Panic?

OpTic Gaming Get Swept by 100 Thieves. Time to Panic

OpTic Gaming played 100 Thieves recently. It was a game most Call of Duty World League fans were looking forward to. However, it wasn’t the outcome that OG were hoping for as OpTic Gaming get swept 3-0. 

100 Thieves vs OpTic Gaming – CWL Pro League Match

One of the most hyped up matches was the meeting between 100 Thieves and OpTic Gaming. This was the dream match that fans were looking forward to. However, 100 Thieves didn’t start off the Pro League very good, going under 500 and finishing near the bottom of the leaderboards after week one. Was this dream match still going to be relevant? Well, things turned around quickly. In week two, 100 Thieves dominated their opponents and finished near the top of the leaderboards at the first league break. They have since become one of the teams to look out for.

OpTic Gaming just had bad luck from the start of league play. They lost one of their star players, Dashy, for four weeks due to travel complications as Dashy was leaving Ontario, Canada to get to Ohio, USA. OpTic welcomed FaZe Zoomaa in replacement of Dashy. Zoomaa is a top tier player, and well known within the community so it was a perfect temporary solution. However, OpTic Gaming lost their opener to Midnight Esports which shocked not only OpTic fans, but the entire league. Since then, it has been a teeter-totter of a ride for OG.

The Match that Finally Came

Clint Evans opened up the match saying,

“This is a match since the beginning of Black ops 4 when these first two teams formed that people were excited about. But due to 100 Thieves bombing out of Vegas, and OpTic bombing out of Fort Worth. And the fact that they were placed in different divisions. We’re halfway through the year before we finally get it.”

Joe Deluca, who was calling the game with Clint said that these two teams should go to the finals to play each other one day. Given that this is their first meeting ever, how would things turn out?

Scump / Dashy vs Octane / Kenny – Who Was going to Win?

OpTic was down 0-1 in the series as 100 Thieves took a very close hardpoint on Arsenal. With a few extra gun fight wins by OpTic, the series leads could have swayed in their favor. In the second match, it was Search and Destroy on the map Hacienda. Both teams are solid in Search and Destroy, with OpTic as the favorites to win on Hacienda as they’ve been pulling some great SnD games on this map. However, 100 Thieves took a quick lead, and OpTic found themselves down by 2. There was a pivotal moment when it came down to a 2v2 moment between Scump and Dashy, against Octane and Kenny. Who was going to win?

Kenny from 100 Thieves used his “vision pulse”, which essentially allows him and his teammate see where Scump and Dashy are on the map through the walls. It’s sort of an temporary x-ray vision through the walls. This helped Kenny locate Scump on the map, and take him out with his ICR-7. This then brought it down to a 1v2 for Dashy, at which, 100 Thieves knew exactly where he was. Kenny eventually found Dashy and wall-banged him with the ICR-7 for the round win. 100 Thieves ended up taking the map away from Optic, going up 2-0 in the series (best to 3).

OpTic Gaming Blow a 3v6

The last map was Arsenal, and both teams playing the game mode “Control”. Historically, 100 Thieves Octane said earlier to Jess Brohard that they haven’t lost a Control match this year in Columbus. While OpTic Gaming noted that they had some work to do for Control.

It seemed that 100 Thieves were going to continue their domination in Control as they were able to withstand a 3v6 against OpTic Gaming. If anyone was to ask a CWL fan what the outcome would be from that scenario, 10 out of 10 would say in favor for OpTic Gaming. However, 100 Thieves pulled off the unthinkable.

Eventually 100 Thieves carried the momentum from that round and beat OpTic 3-0 for a series sweep. It was a result not many fans were expecting from both sides. Fans were expecting a closer match, in which the first two matches were quite close. If some small instances have changed in the first two maps, it could have easily been 2-0 for OpTic. However, 100 Thieves did everything right to gain control and win the rounds they needed to win.

OpTic Gaming Get Swept

In an instant reaction with Jess Brohard and Crimsix, fans could tell that Crim wasn’t happy. Who would be if they got 3-0’d in a matchup that everyone was hyping up to? Crimsix stated that the team would do scrims immediately to work on a few things. If we do see these two teams again, especially in a Finals, let’s hope it lasts longer than a quick sweep.

100 Thieves Sweep OpTic Gaming at the CWL Pro League Call of Duty
Image source: Call of Duty Twitch

Dashy quickly turned to Twitter to let OpTic fans know that they got some work to do before London, but also showing his sportsmanship GGing 100T.


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