OpTic Dashy Sniping God? One Shot One Kill Frenzy!

OpTic Dashy Sniping God One Shot One Kill Frenzy Quick Scope Esports OpTic Gaming

One of the newest stars in Call of Duty is showing off on his streams. Check out what he does with his sniper rifle.

OpTic Dashy Sniping God? One Shot One Kill Frenzy!

It seems like the map everyone is having a lot of fun on is Firing Range Night. Newly released, Trey Arch just added some spotlights around the map and dimmed the sky light to give it the night effect. But everyone has been playing the hell out of this map and uploading some insane trick shots, or in this case, OpTic Dashy being in sniping god mode!

@OpTicGaming shared a nice clip of OpTiC Dashy destroying his opponents with the Paladin HB50. The highly deadly sniper rifle is bolt-action causing damage with a 1 shot kill to the head, chest AND shoulders. Indeed a very nice choice for Dashy.

Quick Scoping

Is OpTic Dashy a Sniping God? Hell yes.

He goes on a “One Shot One Kill” killing frenzy showing no remorse for his enemies. OpTic Dashy gets a sweet 5 straight kill like a boss on the map Firing Range Night. Game mode is Team Death match and we all know it’s havoc on smaller map like Firing Range. The key is to see where your teammates are on the map, and look in the direction that you believe the enemy will be spawning at; which obviously OpTic Dashy has down to a tee.

Fury Kill Brings Envy

Since OpTic Gaming shared the clip via their official Twitter page, the tweet has received 710 likes in a matter of minutes with 75 retweets as of this writing.

Fellow gamers and fans quickly took notice of this sweet quick scoping frenzy with users replying with praise.

Cal Jones, for example, replied saying “this kid is on another level 😮😮😮😮” . Zach Dearien, another follower said “Thanks for reminding Im not actually good with a sniper 😂“. We agree that OpTic Dashy reminds us that we need a few more lessons from the greats to snipe this good.

We’re sure to see some more great clips from OpTic Dashy to come.

Here’s the original Tweet:

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