OpTic Dashy Shows Off His Control Settings and GreenWall Controller

OpTic Dashy Shows Off His Control Settings and GreenWall Controller CWL
Image source: twitch.tv/dashy

UPDATE Jan.30,2019: OpTic Dashy was showing off his PS4 controller to everyone that was watching his live stream a few days ago in which his controller had the signature “green” buttons with a black base showcasing the OpTic Gaming colors. He was also kind enough to show case his control settings for Black Ops 4. 

OpTic Dashy Shows Off His Control Settings and GreenWall Controller

After the CWL win with OpTic Gaming, Dashy has become a popular pro player in the world of Call of Duty esports. With a little over 90,000 subscribers, Dashy is crawling up the ranks of being an authority figure on Twitch. Although he’s got a long way to reach the levels of Scump and Crimsix in terms of followers, 90k is an incredible milestone.

In Canadian fashion, Dashy is incredibly humble for his followers and mentions it in an old tweet from last October:

Dashy is becoming a favorite in the streamer world and we all look forward to his future streams.

A sneak peak into Dashy’s Black Ops 4 world

During one of Dashy’s streams, he pulls out his PlayStation 4 controller to show everyone who was watching what it looks like. We all know what a PS4 controller looks like, but many were wondering what colors Dashy has on his controller / skin. OpTic Dashy then pulls out his controller and shows it to his camera.

OpTic Dashy Shows Off His Control Settings and GreenWall Controller Black Ops 4
Image source: twitch.tv/dashy

Dashy a a slick green on black controller color setup. The directional buttons are all green, and his R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons are green. Same goes with the Action buttons (Triangle, Square, Circle and X). Showing off his controller he says: “GreenWall colors” and then “That’s the controller right there boys.. Oooo..“.

Staying true to OpTic Gaming, Dashy pimps out his controller with only Green and Black colors. On top of this, Dashy also showed off his controller settings in another stream which was a bonus for everyone who follows him on Twitch. Game Life posted yesterday OpTic Dashy Shows off his Black Ops 4 Classes which can help those get a head start trying to figure out some dominant classes.

In this stream, we can see OpTic Dashy going to his “Controls” settings where we see all f his Ps4 settings for Black Ops 4. Interestingly enough his look sensitivity are both 6. Here’s the complete run down of his control settings:

  • Look Sensitivity Horizontal – 6
  • Look Sensitivity Vertical – 6
  • ADS Sensitivity – 1X
  • High Zoom Sensitivity – 125X
  • Target Assist – ON
  • Aim Assist – ON
  • Controller Vibration – OFF
  • Sprint Cancels Reload – OFF
  • Auto Mantle – OFF
  • Stick Layout – Default
  • Button Layout – Default
  • L1/R1 and L2/R2 – FLIPPED

There you have it. For all you haters out there that complain about target and aim assist, saying that pros don’t use it, we’ll you have proof right here. It’s only “smart” of you to keep them enabled as opposed to having them off. It makes it “easier” to shot at the enemy. We’re looking forward to future streams and more golden nuggets being revealed by OpTic Dashy.

OpTic Dashy Keyboarding? (UPDATE)

OpTic Dashy was MVP at the CWL 2019 Vegas Open. He ended up with a 1.37 KD. Not only that, his clutch performances and impressive highlight reels is what got him the MVP. In some of Dashy’s streams, he also demonstrates what a breast he is in Black Ops 4, to the point that he gets called “cheater” or “hacker” but randoms in a game. On top of that, some of his opponents would probably think he is keyboarding.

Keyboarding is when a console player uses a keyboard and mouse instead of a traditional PS4 (or any console) controller. Keyboarders have a huge advantage over controller players due to the accuracy and speed of their turns and reactions compared to controllers.

For this reason, the above clip is ironic. Dashy probably gets called out as a keyboarder (which obviously he shows his controller in one of the videos above), and experiences a “keyboarding-like” moment where the game glitches on him and makes him do a fast turn, as a player using a keyboard would do. He laughed it off in the end as it was a funny moment, and it’s definitely one title Dashy wouldn’t want to be associated with.

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