Octane is the 2019 CWL London MVP

Octane is the 2019 CWL London MVP

Octane has been one of the best players on 100 Thieves. By the time 100T won CWL London, it was inevitable that he would get MVP.

100 Thieves Path to Glory

Who would have guessed after the first week of the CWL Pro League that 100 Thieves were going to lift the trophy in CWL London? Well, actually many believed that they would bounce back given that the team had an all-star line-up. Their performance after week one was alarming after only winning once. However, being the great team they are, 100 Thieves broke out and haven’t looked back, winning all of their matches and climbing to the top of their division. Right before CWL London, the team placed first in Division B due to their round win / round loss percentage.

The team also faced OpTic Gaming for the first time in the lats match before heading to London. The match was talked about for a long time, and it took nearly half a year before the two teams were able to square off against each other. The final result was quite surprising as 100 Thieves beat OpTic Gaming 3-0 for the sweep. Many were wondering what happened since it should have been a closer match.

CWL London 2019

100 Thieves only lost one match at this years CWL London. That match was against OpTic Gaming, who beat them 3-1 on opening day. It was the revenge OG were looking for, and at that point everything was going great for OpTic Gaming. But, 100 Thieves was still a very strong team, and they were only growing stronger as the tournament continued. One player stood out from the rest, and his name is Octane. After day 1 of the event, Nameless went ahead and called it, saying that Octane is the MVP.

Nameless got it right on day 1 saying that Octane was the best player in the tournament. He continued saying that the things Octane does with his ICR is something that people don’t see. Especially upclose gun battles against Saugs. Essentially, the ICR-7 is a long range weapon, and upclose, is very hard to maneuver. The Saug on the other hand is gun used upclose. Octane would be able to use his ICR against players who would use Saugs, which Nameless couldn’t understand how he does it.

100 Thieves – CWL London Champions

Earlier today, 100 Thieves beat eUnited 3-1 to take home the 2019 CWL London trophy. All through the series, Octane was making his presence known, and winning the necessary gun battles to keep his team on the top. So when it was time to deliver the MVP trophy, everyone had a feeling that Octane would get it.

It was the cherry on top of the cake, and Octane deserved the MVP award for his outstanding plays. Cragtulations to 100 Thieves for being the CWL London Champions, and to Octane for winning the MVP.

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