NAMELESS Chokes in Call of Duty Blackout?

Esports Nameless Blackout Choke Call of Duty CWL Player
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Nameless is the jack-of-all-trades. Casual gamer, ex Call of Duty esports players, popular streamer and on air talent; most recently being an analyst at the CWL Vegas Open. When you’ve got this much talent, you can’t mess anything up, right? Surprisingly, there’s always room for error and one will quickly find out that if you take it easy on your opponent expect a nice surprise.

Who is Nameless?

Nameless aka Anthony Wheeler is well known in the Call of Duty esports world (CWL). He’s been playing Call of Duty games since Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360. He got into the esports scene through GB (Game Battles) playing Call of Duty 2 on the team ladder. He’s one of the few people in the COD world that can say they’ve been around for every professional event for COD. On top of that, Nameless has seen his fair share of players, being on 17 different esports teams.

Most notably OpTic Nation (now known as OpTic Gaming), FaZe Clan, Evil Geniuses, Luminosity Gaming, compLexity and Team Envy.

Esports Nameless Anthony Wheeler CWL Namezeus Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Instagram
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Nameless is quite young, having accomplished all he has at the age of 24. He has a huge Twitter following and an impressive number on Twitch alone (84k+).  Most of Nameless achievements come from his time at Evil Geniuses, where the has a decent showing at esports events like CWL Pro League 2018 Stage 1 and CWL Atlanta / New Orleans Open 2018.


When Nameless isn’t busy being an analyst on the CWL panel, he has his own Twitch channel where he streams Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Blackout. He also goes by the name of “Namezeus” when playing COD on PS4. During one of Nameless Blackout streams he was playing duos with no other than TJHaley of OpTic Gaming. The clip starts Nameless behind a tree where he’s healing himself.

He then notices a red dot on his map where the enemy gave away his signal. Nameless saw this as an opportunity to get on the offense while he had knowledge of the enemy’s whereabouts. Nameless quickly runs up on the enemy, moving to the right of a giant rock and then shooting the enemy in the back. Of course, like any good Blackout player knows, having armor equipped is your primary objective when start the game. Luckily for this player the armor saved him as he didn’t go down right away.

Not down?

At this point, Nameless quickly moves to the left of the giant rock after shooting up the enemy and then proceeds to shot at him. However, something odd happens. Two things to take note; firstly, the enemy ate up Nameless’ bullets. Secondly, it seems that Nameless pressed the crouch button by accident as he stops shooting. What happens next is the enemy turns and kills Nameless. The clip happens so fast that even Nameless was left puzzled by what happened.

He is heard saying,

“Somebody clip that please”

Rightfully so as the death didn’t make any sense. The kill should have been as easy as taking candy from a baby, however, in this case the baby won and Nameless was left speechless. The lesson learned here is to never give the enemy one inch of space. If you believe you’ll get an easy kill, you need to finish and continue shooting all your bullets till the enemy dies. However, in this situation it seems like an accidental press of a button as Nameless would have had the kill if he only kept shooting.

Blackout can be a punishing game. Never give your opponent leeway.

Esports Nameless Anthony Wheeler CWL Namezeus Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout
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