Nadeshot Shows Off Retro 100 Thieves Shirt. Viewers Notice Something.

Nadeshot Matthew Haag Retro 100 Thieves Shirt Call of Duty OpTic Gaming Pro CWL
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Nadeshot just finished a game of Call of Duty Blackout. People in the chat were asking him what t-shirt he was wearing. Nadeshot then shows off his shirt to the camera when viewers noticed something. His response is awesome.

Who is Nadeshot?

Nadeshot, who’s real name is Matthew Haag, is a former Major League Gaming X Games Gold medalist and former Call of Duty XP World Champion. If there’s anything Nadeshot knows, it’s how to play Call of Duty games. On top of that, he also won the best “Esports Player” at “The Game Awards” in 2014; a title many of us drool at.

Matthew Haag has since retired from the world of competitive gaming as a player, however, his has revised his participation as owner of his own esports team called 100 Thieves. The team got worldwide recognition when music artist Drake invested in the esports team and became a co-owner. However, 100 Thieves was already making headway before then, receiving a multi-million dollar investment from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loads.

The esports organization is one of the most popular in such little time which has to be a record in itself.

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New T-Shirt?

During one of Nadeshot’s Twitch streams, he just finished a match of Call of Duty Blackout.

While getting ready for the next match, Nadeshot checked the chatroom to see what questions there were. One user pointed out the 100 Thieves retro t-shirt he was wearing. That’s when Nadeshot backed up in his chair and posed for the camera showcasing off the prototype t-shirt.

Nadeshot Matthew Haag Retro 100 Thieves Shirt Tee Prototype Demo
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He then said,

“It’s supposed to be kinda like retro. I dunno. Not a lot of people liked it. I was the only one who really liked it. So, I don’t know if we’re going to release it.”

The 100 Thieves retro shit looked pretty slick, looking like a logo from a retro 70’s baseball team. It was definitely something different than the all white, black and red we see. Perhaps this shirt was a little too ambitious and the design really went for something different. It’s a little disappointing that the shirt might not go into circulation but we’ll have to wait to see.

Nadeshot Matthew Haag Retro 100 Thieves Shirt Smoking Vaping
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Love it or hate it?

There seems to be a split in the chatroom as users were quick to type “COP IT” / “DROP IT” while others said “I fuk w it” / “its sick“. However, one user by the name of green_year said “does it come with the pit stains?“. Nadeshot comes back with the best answer,

“Yes, absolutely. I’ll personally lick the armpits of every single t-shirt before we ship it out.”

He then preceded to show “quickshots” of his armpits since viewers were having a little fun with him.

Nadeshot is incredibly funny, and he loves to engage with his viewers, whether it’s on a serious note, or just having fun with everyone in the room. This is why he’s one of the most successful esports players because he’s incredibly likable and fun. Take notes people.

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