Nadeshot Explains Why 100 Thieves Will Not Be Competing In The CWL

Nadeshot Explains Why 100 Thieves Will Not Be Competing In CWL
  • 100 Thieves will not be participating in the Call of Duty World League, CoD esports 2020. Nadeshot, founder of 100 Thieves explains why.

100 Thieves Will Not Be Competing In CWL in 2020

Nadeshot recently announced that 100 Thieves will not take part in competitive Call of duty in 2020. He announced this on the official 100 Thieves Twitter and YouTube page. For those who might not know, Nadeshot is engraved in CoD esports history, playing for many teams including his days in OpTic Gaming. Additionally, when 100 Thieves was formed, they participated for the first time in the Call of Duty World League in 2019. Although the team had a slow start, they turned to be one of the juggernauts in the league, being the first team to win back to back titles (CWL London and CWL Anaheim). The team was composed of elite Call of Duty players, with Octane and Kenny at the forefront. As fast as 100 Thieves was molded in the league, they are now exiting the 2020 season.

Nadeshot Explains Why 100 Thieves Is Not Participating in competitive CoD

Nadeshot stated that the 100 Thieves will not have a team represent their brand in the CWL. He quickly mentioned that this isn’t the end of 100T in Call of Duty, nor will he move away from COD. Nadeshot’s whole career was in Call of Duty and it wouldn’t make sense from him, or the organization to step away from it.

Activision decided to franchise the league, which he said has a lot of costs that come with that. He continued on, thanking everyone who’s been part of Call of Duty.

“I’ve built my entire career off this game and this incredible community.” – Nadeshot

Nadeshot went into some details, saying that the CWL is incredibly expensive. He mentioned that there are not only a lot of upfront costs but a lot of operational costs that they would have to spend on resources for years. Nadeshot said that 100 Thieves is not prepared or equipped to make that jump or be “all-in”. He said that there’s a lot that 100 Thieves has to focus on, such as their employees which consist of 30 full-time employees and part-time employees, contractors, players and coaches, content creators, etc… He emphasized that there are a lot of assets that the company needs to protect. It only makes sense for the long terms as the company cannot put all their eggs in one basket.

“We’re not just focused on esports”

Nadeshot said that 100 Thieves isn’t just focusing on esports. He said that they are an entertainment company, focusing on storytelling. but primarily focused on its apparel business which is what the company was focused on. To invest everything in Call of Duty would jeopardize the company and making the large financial commitment isn’t possible. To watch the full video click the play button below. Hopefully we’ll see the CWL have teams like 100 Thieves make their way back in the league.

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