MuTex and zChaBouD Get Robbed in CMG Black Ops 4 Finals

MuTex Gets Robbed Esports CMG Black Ops 4 Finals
Image sources: MuTex Instagram & Twitch

MuTex and his teammate zChaBouD were in the finals for a 2v2 CMG tournament. During the final last seconds of the match, something bizarre happened that not even MuTex was able to comprehend.

Who is DaddyMuMu aka MuTex?

Charlie Saouma, known as MuTex on Twitch also goes by the name “DaddyMuMu” as his PS4 name.  He’s a Twitch streamer who plays CMG matches and also streams random matches from time to time. MuTex is also an free COD esports agent who last played for Legicide before they dissolved.

He’s currently looking to join a new team, and from his pinned tweet on Twitter, it looks like he will be competing in the next big CWL event.

MuTex currently spends most of his time on Twitch, streaming his CMG matches with his partner in crime, zChaBouD. Only recently have they decided to setup shop and play side by side, since they were playing apart when competing in CMG matches. They’re quite dangerous, beating most of the teams they play again.

However, one match proved to be impossible for them. Not because they were out-matched, but because of a bigger issue.

Mutex DaddyMuMu Call of Duty Esports CWL PlayStation Twitter
Image source: MuTex Twitter
MuTex Gets Robbed in CMG Black Ops 4 Finals

MuTex and zChaBouD were underway getting ready to play again Itolics and xBigShot in a 2v2 CMG Finals Tournament. Just before starting the match he tweeted out to his followers to catch him on his Twitch live stream.

CMG Finals Match

During the match against Itolics and xBigShot was incredibly close, each team taking wins right after each other. It boiled down to the final Search and Destroy match where they were playing on the map Payload. What happens next is something that can’t be made up.

It was the last round, as both teams had 5 wins split evenly. In the final seconds of the round, MuTex had to plant the bomb since they were on offense. However, they had the advantage in terms of rule-set. This meant that they didn’t have to plant the bomb if they were able to kill their two opponents. Then the round would end and they would get the win. However, something bizarre happened.

As MuTex was getting ready to plant the bomb, zChaBouD alerts him that someone was coming down the middle tunnel. MuTex then stops planting and gets behind the actual pallets where he’s suppose to plant; using it as a shield. He then ducts and stands rapidly to try and get the enemy’s attention. In the last seconds of the round he stands up, spots the enemy and kills him just in time before the enemy could get away.

This meant that they eliminated their opponents and won the match. But that wasn’t the case. There seemed to be a fatal glitch in the game where the timer didn’t register MuTex’s kill as being “in-time” and essentially gave them a defeat. Their reactions were hilarious, but everyone who was watching couldn’t help but feel sorry for them as MuTex and zChaBouD  were robbed.

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