Maven and Miles Do Hilarious Impersonation of Simp, Skrapz And Dylan

Maven and Miles Do Hilarious Impersonation of Simp, Skrapz And Dylan

During the CWL Miami All-Star game, Maven and Miles did some spot-on impersonations of Simp, Skrapz, and Dylan. You need to see them!

Maven and Miles Do Hilarious Impersonation of Simp, Skrapz And Dylan

Over the past week, CWL fans were given a nice opportunity to vote for their favorite players to participate in the Miami All-Star game which happened yesterday. Two teams were formed to give an exciting hour of non-stop Call of duty action through trickshots, no scopes, and just some light-hearted fun.

During the CWL All-Star game, players from both Division A and Division B were battling it out for a chance to win 55′ gaming monitors, and at certain points, the All-Star game became quite competitive as both teams wanted to win the new gaming monitors. Both teams were able to get two wins apiece, pushing it all the way to a game 5 (which is what the CoD community wanted to see). The last map was on Hacienda and the teams were playing Search and Destroy. Since everything was on the line, the last match became quite intense, however, that didn’t stop Maven and Miles from having a little fun.

CWL Casters Impersonations

Maven (Clint Evans) and Miles (Miles Ross) were having some fun between themselves in the end. It started off with Maven doing a spot-on impersonation of Simp from eUnited. Check out the hilarious clip below:

Simp is a young player, and he really looks it. Some players in the league can pass off as being older given their height/size, and if they are unshaven. However, Simp has doesn’t have a beard (yet), and given his size, he tends to look younger than he really is. Maven’s impersonation of Simp was hilarious, and in the end said, “He looks like a 12-year-old!”. But that didn’t end there. The next victim on the list was Skrapz from FaZe Clan who is originally from England, so Maven was going to have to work harder to get Skrapz’s voice spot-on. Check out Maven impersonating Skrapz:

Not only did he nail Skrapz’s voice, but even Miles was also laughing as it was a great impersonation. IT seems like Maven is not only good at being a Call of Duty caster, but he knows a thing or two about impersonations.

Miles Joins In

Maven wasn’t the only one who wanted to have fun. At one point, he even brought Miles into the conversation, asking him to do Dylan. Miles is also from England and perhaps Maven thought it would be best for him to do Dylan from Team Reciprocity (who’s from England). Watch Miles do a dead-on impersonation of Dylan:

What makes it hilarious is that Maven said that Miles could do Dylan in his own voice since they are both English, but obviously Dylan has a particular way of speaking which Miles nailed. All-in-all, the players on each team were having fun, the casters were having fun, and the viewers were enjoying every second of it. It was a successful first day of the CWL Finals and day 2 will bring loads of more action.

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