Jess Brohard, Fist Bump Master Get’s Thrown off by Player

Jess Brohard, Fist Bump Master Get's Thrown off by Player Call of Duty CWL
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Who is Jess Brohard?

Jess Brohard is an Esports event host who currently reports for the Call of Duty World League. Jess either opens up game day with a player interview, or does Instant Reactions after a CWL Match. Apart from the CWL, Jess also partakes in other events such as charities (Gamers For Giving) and other gaming events. But she is currently focused on reporting for the Call of Duty World League.

Jess is also a health and fitness nut, as she’s goes to the gym often to keep in top shape. She’s also a long distance runner, participating in 5k runs when she can.

Fist Bumping

Jess Brohard is known for doing great reporting for the Call of Duty World in a professional manner. She always asks the tough questions that no one else asks to the players. But Jess is also known for something else. The “Fist bump”.


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CWL fans can normally catch Jess during an Instant Reaction with players after their matches. She asks a number of questions to players and then finishes off with his signature fist pump. Players time and time again have followed her every move. When Jess extends her hand out, it’s met with a fist pump from the players. Typically this gesture would be overlooked, as it has for many Instant Reactions. What’s the point of keeping your eyes on such a little detail like this?

Slacked Had Other Plans

After Luminosity’s win over Excelerate Gaming, Jess Brohard brought Slacked from Luminosity at center stage for an Instant Reaction. Jess was asking her regular questions, and Slacked was answering them as players do during this segment. Everything was going as planned until Slacked decided to throw a curve ball.

As Jess normally extends her hand out to fist bump, Slacked actually had an open hand. It was the clash of the hand gestures and who was going to win? With a slight pause, Slacked wasn’t going to budge. It seemed like we we’re watching an intense Chess Championship finals, unable to guess the other ones move.

Finally, Jess switched to shake Slacked’s hand and the segment ended. Although most viewers probably didn’t think anything of it, the CWL hardcore fans noticed that this was a rare occurrence. The Fist bump master Jess didn’t give props? What was going on? As silly as that sounds, the CWL Panel also took notice.

Katie pointed this whole ordeal when cameras went back to the panel. They decided to poke a little fun out of the situation and even do an instant slow reply of what happened, which of course was hilarious. It was all fun and games, and a wise man once said, ‘only gentleman shake hands”. Slacked was just being a gentleman and in the end everyone had a nice laugh.

Jess Brohard Fist Bump Slacked Call of Duty CWL Reporter Host
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