Is This The Biggest Fail At The CWL Pro League This Season?

Is This The Biggest Fail At The CWL Pro League This Season

Elevate were seconds away from upsetting the Call of Duty Titans, OpTic Gaming. However, Elevates last player flopped on the last play. Is it considered the biggest fail this season?

Elevate Vs OpTic Gaming

Cross-division play continued, with a set of new teams this time around compared to the last two weeks. We were going to see some great match-ups as some of the strongest teams were competing in week 12 of the CWL Pro League.

Elevate and OpTic Gaming would face off for the first time this season. Up until this point, it was hard to read Elevate, and how they were going to perform in the league. In their first week (week 9), they went 3-0, impressing the CWL panel and fans all around. However, the week after that they went 1-3 which surprised everyone considering how strong they were in week 9.

With all that behind them, Elevate were facing the highly skilled OpTic Gaming, who have already qualified for the Pro League Playoffs and were on an 8 game winning streak.

The Biggest Fail At The CWL Pro League This Season

During the series, both teams were playing extremely well, with Elevate matching everything OpTic Gaming was throwing at them. Eventually, the series went to a game 5, and the last map was Hacienda, game mode Search and Destroy. As even as the series was up to that point, so was the last SnD match. Both teams each mustered up 5 rounds a piece, going to the last deciding round.

Elevate had to plant the bomb in the last round with OG defending. They managed to plant quickly at bomb site B which threw OpTic off. As OpTic were rushing to the bomb site, Wailers from Elevate was waiting in the center of the map hoping to catch some of the players running to the bomb site. Two OpTic players, Dashy and Crimsix, were running down the hallway and were gunned down from behind by Wailers. At this point it was 5v3 for Elevate. However, Scump and TJHaLy on OG took out ProFeeZy and Believe at the bomb site, and finished off MRuiz. It was down to a 2v1 with Wailers left on Elevate. Watch one of the biggest flops this CWL season unfold:

What looked to be an easy round win for Elevate turned into a nightmare. On top of that, Wailers, who at that point was pulling all the right shots, took out TjHaLy at the bomb site,. But, he didn’t check OpTic’s last player, Scump, who was defusing the bomb, which resulted in a round win for OG, and a series win. In the end, the camera zoomed in to OpTic’s side to see everyone smiling and laughing as they know they got away with a win. The camera shifted to Wailers who looked completely distraught after finding out that he could have won the series for Elevate.

Team OpTic Gaming Laughing After Elevate Fail On Search and Destroy
TwitchOpTic Gam

We’ve seen many flops during the season, especially at the Call of Duty majors (Crimsix falling off the map). But this was a major flop consider that Elevate could have pulled an incredible upset against one of the best teams in the Call of Duty World League. Although they didn’t get the win against OpTic, their efforts are duly noted, and they will definitely be a team to watch out for in the near future.

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