How to Properly use the Sensor Dart in Blackout


In this article we review some tips on how and when to use the Sensor dart in Blackout so it doesn’t work against you. Knowing your surroudning will be key to getting the victory.

How to Properly use the Sensor Dart in Blackout

Blackout Sensor Dart Call of Duty Black ops 4

The Sensor dart in blackout is used to reveal enemies in an area or enemies coming into your radius. However, it can back fire more often then help you. By shooting the sensor dart, it can actually let enemies know you’re nearby and have them hunt you (by sounding beeps to the enemy).

How Not to use the Sensor dart

Sensor Dart Recon Blackout Blackops 4

Perfect example is if you’re in a building and shoot the sensor dart to show the radius around you while you’re in the building. It will let enemies know you’re in the building, and the enemies can toss cluster nades where you are. Be careful, as using the Sensor dart can actually alert enemies.

How to use the Sensor dart to your advantage

Sensor Dart Blackout Equipment COD

If you’re playing smart, you’re likely playing on the edge of the circle. The best place to shoot the sensor dart in this situation is on any nearby trees to your left or right. This way, you’ll know that the area is clear to run, or you can keep an eye on the opposite side. Use it on the edge of the circle to help your awareness.

Tip: Use the Sensor Dart in Blackout on vehicles to keep a proximity around you to see if there’s enemies nearby while using vehicles. Keep in mind that if you spot an enemy while on your ATV, don’t dismount right away or you’ll lose health and ultimately get shot and killed. Instead, drive past the enemy and dismount a few meters away so you can properly engage the hostil or toss a concussion nade if you have one.

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