How Often Does OpTic Scump Party?

How Often Does OpTic Scump Party Call of Duty CWL Esports
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During one of OpTic Scump’s Twitch streams, he was asked by one of his loyal subscribers how often does he party. This is his reply.

Seth “Scump” Abner

Scump is one of the winningest players of all time. His accomplishments in the Call of Duty esports world is hard to match. Having a professional career that started in 2011, and playing a side some other greats helped him propel to where he is now. Seth Abner is successful not because he sits around all day and does nothing. He’s successful because he puts time into his profession. He streams daily, and stays in good form in order to be the best version of himself.

On top of that, Seth also keeps in shape and workouts almost every day at the gym. He has a dedicated training schedule which involves more heavy lifting at the gym. He posted his workout sheet (bear in mind it’s from 2016) to show others how he’s training and if they were interested in taking up on the same routine.

He hasn’t posted another workout schedule as people critic and give their opinion on how Seth should workout. So it’s better for him not to post anything up.

Continuing with Scump’s daily streams to stay on top of his game, he gives a shout on his Twitter page when he’s about to go online. Throughout all of this, Scump has shown us what it takes to become a professional player, and it’s his response to one of his subscribers that reinforces why he’s incredibly successful.

How Often Does OpTic Scump Party?
Seth Abner How Often does OpTic Scump Party Gaming CWL Black Ops
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During one of Seth Abner ‘s Twitch streams, he just finished playing a game of Blackout when he looked at the screen to see if there’s any questions he can answer. One user in the chatroom asked Scump,

“How often do you party?”

In Scump fashion he answered right away giving some thought, and his response is what we would expect from a 2x XGames Gold Medalist, CoD World Champion, and Captain of OpTic Gaming to say.

Here’s Seth Abner ‘s response:

“Not that much. Probably once or twice a month maybe I’ll go out, maybe. I dunno, going out is kinda getting overrated at this point. I kinda don’t like it because it ruins the next day.”

This is the response of a real champion, because Scump knows what it takes to be a champ, and how strict you have to be in order to stay focused and clear of what your goals are. Seth does goes out of course, but in moderation which is great to hear as he’s a great role model for younger gamers who are looking to take their skills to the next level. By Seth giving a response like that, it shows the gaming community he’s responsible and takes his profession seriously.

One thing for sure is that Seth Abner has a business to run personally. He has his own YouTube and Twitch channels which he streams very often, if not every day. He needs to be in top shape and always on his feet in order to stream live in front of everyone. Anyone in his shoes would hopefully do the same thing as you wouldn’t want to have a hangover the next day and then attend your stream with thousands of viewers waiting to watch you play.

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