Here’s a Secret How to Rank Up Fast Without Cheating in Black Ops 4

Here’s a Secret How to Rank Up Fast Without Cheating in Black Ops 4

Ever take a look at the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 leaderboards? Ever notice somethings off? Not talking about the obvious boosters or cheaters in the game. I’m talking about players that are lower than you in the leaderboards, however, have a higher prestige level than you. How do they do it? Are they cheating? Well I’m going to give you the secret how to rank up fast without cheating in Black Ops 4.

Simple but Expensive Method

If you’ve made it to this point, then you’re like the rest of us here where rank and status matters for Call of Duty. The obsession can probably be defined as “addiction to gamer” but who cares. It’s about joining a room and making your opponents jaws drop to the ground after seeing a high rank step in the room.

So what is the method to this madness? How do players speed up their prestige rank without playing much?

Two words…

Double XP.

But what does that mean Double XP? Do they wait for Treyarch to enable Double Xp Weekend and just play the hell out of the game for 3 days?

I’m sure that plays into the algorithm, however, these gamers go beyond that and take it a step further.

Purchasing Double XP

When was the last time you went and did your groceries? Or stopped by the corner store to pick up some junk food for your gaming session? Did you notice any Black Ops 4 promotional tags on particular products like energy drinks or a bag of chips?

That is the missing link.

Some gamers think out of the box and actually search for these products containing a BO4 Double XP code which can last anywhere between 15 mins to an hour depending on the product you buy.

I’ve even heard of some YouTube content creators of COD games using this tactic to rank up fast in order to get attention to their YouTube channel. What Youtube content creators in the Us did was purchase an access code from Australia / New Zealand in order to be one of the very 1st to play online (hence get a boost in their ranking before anyone else in the US), and they would also purchase Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 15 Minute Double XP Codes

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 15 Minute Double XP Codes

Ranking up from Purchasing Double XP Codes

If you’re interested in getting your prestige rank up without the risk of having your account banned because you boosted or cheated, this is the legit way of doing it.

Although some may say it’s unfair given that some gamers don’t have the funds to buy these codes, in the open world it’s all game and those who are willing to pay to rank up fast can do so. Those who can’t will just need to grind a little longer; that’s all.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 – 15 Min Double XP Code From Monster – Seller says: “This is for 1 mega monster black ops 4 double xp code nothing more the can is not shipped to you. You will get the code through message. There are no returns or refunds.”
CALL OF DUTY Black Ops 4 DOUBLE XP Code For 15 Minute COD 2XP Monster Energy BO4 – Seller says: “This is for 15 minutes of 2X XP for Call of Duty Black Ops. Codes will be sent via an eBay message minutes after purchase”.
CALL OF DUTY Black Ops 4 DOUBLE XP Code For 1 Hour COD 2XP Monster Energy BO4 – These are for 1 hour codes, a little more expensive than the ones above.

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