Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez Leaves OpTic Gaming And Joins NRG Esports

Hector H3CZ Rodriguez Leaves OpTic Gaming An Joins NRG Esports
  • Past owner and CEO of OpTic Gaming has left the organization to join NRG Esports after months of speculation. Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez is now a member of NRG.

Hector’s OpTic

The past few months has been a crazy ride for OpTic Gaming fans, CoD esports fans, and players/teams themselves. One particular person who’s been keeping things behind closed doors was Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez. Since having the team passed down to him in 2007, H3CZ took the team to new heights in 2010 when OpTic Gaming joined the Call of Duty competitive scene. Hector Rodriguez was the man behind OpTic Gaming, and many fans today were attracted to OG because of Hector and what his vision was for the team in esports.

When news broke out that OpTic Gaming’s parent company, Infinite Esports, was acquired by Immortals Gaming, fans were wondering what was going to happen to “H3CZ’s OpTic”. The team was going to have new owners, and this meant a huge shift in the organization’s path. Was the team going to continue competing in competitive Call of Duty? Were the players going to stick around, and most importantly, was Hector going to stay?

Recently, Hector closed down his Twitter account. there was nothing on it that would give away why he joined until he released a video on his youtube channel.

twitter.comOpTicH3CZ Hector Rodriguez Twitter Account

Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez Leaves OpTic Gaming An Joins NRG Esports

As the month dragged out, fans slowly started to get closure on some of the ongoing topics. Crimsix and Karma, two of OpTic Gamings biggest players in history started to look for new teams. A Franchised Call of Duty league became more defined and the last remaining question was with Hector. He recently announced via his YouTube channel that he had joined NRG Esports.

He started off the video saying:

“As you guys know by now, I’m no longer part of OpTic Gaming”

H3CZ continued saying that OpTic will always be a part of him and that he lived a dream for the past 10-15 years that he never thought was possible.

“To become a person with hundreds of thousands if not millions of friends”

Hector said that there was never a time when he wanted to keep things away from OpTic fans unless it was a legal constraint. But his message was clear that he always had the Greenwall as a priority, and that he is connected to everyone like family. H said that he will never stop having a connection with his fans, the Greenwall and he will continue to share his life with everyone.

Towards the end of the video, Hector said, “you’re stuck with me. You’re stuck on every single adventure I go on”. He then pulled over a sweater with the “NRG” logo on it. Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez is now part of the NRRG Esports family, and we are all invited to join him on this new adventure. The next few weeks will be very interesting. Here’s the complete video below:

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