Gunless Gets MVP from CWL Fort Worth

Gunless Gets MVP from CWL Fort Worth Luminosity Call of Duty Esports

Luminosity are the CWL Fort worth Champions. To add the cherry on top of the cake, Gunless gets MVP from the event, making it his 3rd Most Valuable Player award.

Luminosity at CWL Fort Worth

The first day of the Call of Duty major event, Luminosity won their first two matches. The first match was a close call against Excelerate Gaming. But their second match was a telling sign that the team has definitely improved since the first week of the Pro League season. Luminosity swept Midnight Esports, who were one of the stronger teams coming into Fort worth.

Considering that Luminosity started off 0-4 in league play, many analysts were wondering if a roster change was going to happen due to them under-performing. But Luminosity Gaming turned things around. No one’s sure what happened after their fourth game of league play, but they ended up beating the very hot Midnight Esports and OpTic Gaming. This was the turning point for the team as they seemed to have figured something out. Some CoD casters were blaming their losses for internal conflict; players not on the same page which affected their ability to communicate in-game.

Start of the CWL Fort Worth Event

Day 1 of Fort worth started off great for Luminosity, beating Excelerate in the first game. One player from LG had a monstrous performance; Peirce Hillman aka “Gunless”. Gunless went 42-13, which is a 3.23 KD. Despite this performance, it wasn’t an easy series as LG and EX went to a game 5. In game 5, it looked like Luminosity were falling apart, losing round after round and eventually putting themselves in a position where Excelerate Gaming was up 4-1 in a Search and Destroy first to 6.

However, the event would see it’s first comeback as LG kept their composure, and won round after round, winning 5 straight matches to beat Excelerate and go 1-0 in the tournament. Their next match was against the hot Midnight Esports which they swept 3-0. Things were looking good for LG, and one player was standing out. That player being Peirce Hillman, aka Gunless.

Luminosity hit a road bump, falling to Splyce 3-1 in their 3rd match of the day. They’ve fallen to Splyce back at CWL Vegas, and many fans were asking if this was going to be a repeat scenario. But it was everything but a repeat. LG meet Splyce in the winners bracket finals, and beat them 3-1 convincingly. Many analysts from the CWL panel were saying that Luminosity were looking better as the tournament went on.

Gunless Gets MVP from CWL Fort Worth

In the finals, the crowd was not only chanting LG throughout the series, but they were also chanting “MVP” when Gunless would clutch a round. It was evident that Gunless was on his game, which showed in the first hardpoint match on Frequency.

Luminosity Splyce CWL Fort worth Map 1 Stats Gunless MVP

He had the most kills on Luminosity, and when compared to Splce’s top player that math, Accuracy, it wasn’t even close. Gunless had more Hill time, more kills, and a better K/D. Of course, this was possible because Luminosity was playing better as a team, and it wasn’t just a one-man show. However, Gunless won key gun battles and was on fire for the rest of the series.

As Luminosity closed out the series, winning their first ever CWL Major title, everyone knew what was coming up; the MVP presentation.

Gunless wins his third MVP at a CWL major. Previous events were at at the Atlanta Open in 2017, and the Seattle Open in 2018. With Luminosity being crowned the CWL Fort Worth Champions, this will be Gunless’ second title event, and first time winning both the title and MVP at the same tournament. Now with the CWL Fort worth behind him , it will be interesting to see how Gunless and gang continue their 2019 Pro League season.

Gunless MVP CWL Fort worth Call of Duty Title Esports
Image source: Callofduty Twitch
Gunless MVP
Peirce Gunless Hillman Most Valuable Player CWL Fort Worth

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