The Greatest Call of Duty Player of all Time?

Karma VS Crimsix The Greatest Call of Duty Player of all Time

In recent news, Call of Duty fans has been mulling over who is the greatest player of all time or as we call it in the gaming industry, the CoD G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time.) We take a look at two of Optic Gaming members,  Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow or Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and who may be the greatest Call of Duty player to hit the consoles.

The Greatest Call of Duty Player of all Time?
Damon Barlow aka Karma
Damon Barlow Karma OpTic Gaming Esports Player

Known in the past for playing with teams such as Impact and compLexity/Evil Geniuses, comes Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow from Canada. He now plays with a little team you may know called Optic Gaming.

Karma spent years in and out of MLG Tournaments playing various Call of Duty titles and achieved being the first three-time Call of Duty Championship winner in 2013, 2014, then again in 2017. Karma also ended up replacing notorious Call of Duty player Matt “Nadeshot” Haag within Optic Gaming. He is known to have earned the most prize money earned from Call of Duty tournaments more than any Call of Duty console player in history. Now, this is a major feat.

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Ian Porter aka Crimsix

Ian Porter Crimsix OpTic Gaming Esports Player

Next, we have Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter from North America playing for Optic Gaming. Crimsix is known for a lot of things in the professional gaming industry, but his consistency in winning major tournaments is truly quite remarkable. He is just one ring shy of matching the World Championships with Karma. Crimsix is also well known in the MLG world from playing Halo where he first received tremendous recognition.

In terms of Crimsix’s insane achievements, he was the first to earn the title, “Major League Gaming Pro Player” for both Halo and Call of Duty. With 32 Major Championship wins, he is considered the “Winningest player” in Call of Duty. Last but definitely not the least, Crimsix is the only player throughout Call of Duty Franchises to have won 5 back-to-back ESWC Championships. 

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Head to Head

Karma vs. Crimsix Who's the CoD GOAT

It’s ironic that the two players considered to have the title of Greatest Call of Duty Player of all Time are both playing for the same team. Both Karma and Crimsix’s accomplishments and careers are so tightly linked together. That it’s almost impossible not to mention one without the other. While Karma has won more championships and has more rings to show it off, Crimsix is celebrated for his consistency and has walked away victoriously from more events than anyone before him. But who is truly the best?

Guess it depends on who you ask.

So who do you think is the greatest Call of Duty player of all time? The Top World Championship ring holder Karma? Or Crimsix the Consistent? We’d love to hear from you.

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