FormaL Goes Into Beast Mode Against OpTic Gaming

FormaL Goes Into Beast Mode Against OpTic Gaming
Source: CODWorldLeague

Luminosity Gaming played Optic Gaming recently, and FormaL showed that he meant business by putting up a solid fight against OG. Watch some amazing highlights from one of the best CoD players around.

Who is FormaL?

Matthew Piper, who is also known by his gamer name “FormaL”, is a professional Call of Duty player for the esports organization Luminosity Gaming. FormaL is a veteran in the league, having played for many prestigious teams over the year. At the beginning of his career, FormaL was playing Halo professionally until the game fell from the MLG Pro Circuit. That’s when FormaL moved to Call of Duty and started his CoD esports career with Primal in 2013.


FormaL changed teams over the years, playing for Team Fear, Team Kaliber, Team Envy and OpTic Gaming. He spent many years with OG until he moved to Luminosity Gaming which he currently plays for. The majority of FormaL’s success came with his days at OpTic Gaming, where he had a remarkable 54 1st place finishes. In his successful career so far, he has the title of CoD World Champion, X Games Gold medalist, and 21 major tournament wins.

FormaL’s most recent major win was at CWL Fort Worth playing with Slacked, John, Gunless, and Classic. Prior to that event, LG had a shaky Pro League debut and was having a tough time with their matches. Some fans were already writing LG off for Fort worth while others were backing them. The team has a slow start in Fort Worth but only grew stronger as the tournament progressed, taking it all in the finals against Splyce.

CWL Pro League Struggles for LG

A team that consists of grade A players have been under-performing in the league. It seems that Luminosity Gaming has peaked at Fort Worth, and are currently struggling to find their form. The last major tournament in London was a disappointment as the Fort worth champs were eliminated on day two of the event which was signs that the team was going downhill. Since the return the pro league schedule on May 14, the team went 0-7, striking up a debate between casters to the direction of the team and where they will go from here.

FormaL Staying Positive

There’s nothing harder to do than staying positive when everything seems to be going downhill. Up until yesterday’s match against OpTic Gaming, LG lost 6 games in a row. However, despite the loses, FormaL tweeted to his fans that he’s not going to let the current situation with LG deter him and that he’ll continue to grind and be positive. This is the character of a true champion, and is something that his fans can appreciate,

Luminosity VS OpTic Gaming – May 23

In the last match of the week, LG going up against the best team in the league. They would need to do something special to beat OpTic Gaming who were in their best form since CWL Vegas. With Ricky, LG’s coach, stepping in for Gunless, the only caster on the CWL Panel that was behind  LG was Nameless, who of course, is a huge Luminosity supporter.

Many fans were writing off this match off immediately, calling a sweep for OpTic Gaming, however, LG wasn’t going to go down easy, and that started off with FormaL.

In the first match on Frequency, Hardpoint, OpTic won by just two points as the final score was 250-248. The match could have gone either way and with the way LG was playing, an upset was on the horizon. In the second match, the teams were playing on Payload, Search and Destroy. LG looked amazing on Frequency and were hoping to carry that momentum into the next match. OpTic started off with some quick wins going up 3-0. This is when FormaL took control and showed everyone who was watching that he doesn’t give up easily, despite everything that LG has been going through in the last two weeks.

FormaL started to take control of the match, and it started with taking out Crimsix and Karma who are two of the best players in the world. That seemed to bring life to LG, and at that point, FormaL was heating up. In the next round, FormaL was taking control, and really leading the way for LG against OpTic. The team bounced back another round and FormaL was close to streaks defusing the bomb for points.

In the next round, LG ended up losing a 2v1 to go back down 2 rounds, but FormaL was on fire that round and got the necessary streaks he needed. He got the Lightning and Hellstorm streaks, at which Chance the caster, said, “FormaL’s on a rampage“.

In round seven, FormaL just took over, and Benson, who was calling the game with Chance said that FormaL “is a man on a mission“. He was clearly on his game, and FormaL was trying to do everything he could to stop the OpTic train and give life to his teammates.

Although LG lost to OpTic Gaming 3-0, the matches were incredibly close, and with a few different outcomes, LG might have pulled the upset. But FormaL’s performance in the series against the best team in the league had to be noted. Even though he’s one of the best players in the world, his drive and hunger to help his team come out on top was something any esports fan can appreciate. Needless to say, the entire team, not only FormaL, are responsible for their current position. Hopefully, this match will prove to be a turning point for LG, and the team can change directions and start winning games. But given that the team will resume play in the Pro League on June 24th, some major changes might be approaching. Fans will have to wait and see what’s in store for Luminosity Gaming.

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