Florida Mutineers – Call Of Duty League Esports Team

Florida Mutineers - Call Of Duty League Esports Team
  • Florida Mutineers is one of the 12 teams participating in the Call of Duty League inaugural season. Here’s everything you need to know about the Florida Mutineers team.

Who Are The Florida Mutineers?

The Florida Mutineers are a Call of Duty esports team competing in the Call of Duty League. The team represents the state of Florida and is owned by Misfits Gaming.

Mutineers And Misfits Gaming

On Oct.28, 2019, Misfits Gaming introduced the Florida Mutineers to the Call of Duty World. The Mutineers will be one of the 12 teams to participate in the new Call of Duty League. Misfits Gaming was one of the Overwatch esports organizations to have first picks into entering the CDL. Misfits also operate the Florida Mayhem in the Overwatch League. The Misfits organization is based in the UK and has teams competing, in addition to the OWL, LoL, CS:GO and Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate. The organization was founded in 2016 and originally began their esports launch with League of Legends.

The team showcased its new logo via its social media channels on October 28th of 2019.

Florida Mutineers Logo esports
Source: Call Of Duty League Website

Misfits Gaming CEO, Ben Spoont, tweeted this on the day of the team’s reveal:

“Going to be a fun day! Lots of hard work goes into launching a brand, launching a league….and we only getting started!”

Florida Mutineers Roster

The new 5-man Florida Mutineers (F.M) roster consists of professional Call of duty players from the old Call of Duty World League:

  • Preston Sanderson – PRESTINNI
  • Bradley Bergstrom – FROSTY
  • Cesar Bueno – SKYZ
  • Colt McLendon – HAVOK
  • Chance Moncivaez – MAUX
  • Nick Kershner (Substitute) – MANIAC

One of the biggest signings for the Florida Mutineers was Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, a back-to-back Call of Duty World League tournament champion. Prestinni was part of eUnited, one of the esports organizations that would not participate in the new Call of duty League. Prestinni had some lows while playing with eUnited, which was featured in an exclusive eUnited YouTube episode. Prestinni explained some of the mental blocks that are experienced playing in front of a large crowd, and there was a point during the regular season where eUnited seemed to have lost their mojo. However, things turned around quickly after the roster change between Jkap and Simp which shifted the entire team’s path. eUnited ended up winning the CWL Finals and the CWL Championship, and Prestinni recently showed off his championship ring. With everything that Prestinni had to go through in the last season of the CWL, he brings a lot of experience not only on the playing field but also off of it.

Preston Sanderson is joined by Colt “Havok” McLendon and Chance “Maux” Moncivaez, two ex-Gen.G Call of Duty players who had a decent 2019 season. Havok and Maux were part of a strong CoD team that was close to winning one major in the season. They lucked out against 100 Thieves at the Anaheim, losing in the end 3 games to 1. Despite the loss, both players had some incredible moments and definitive wins against top tier teams like OpTic Gaming and eUnited included. With Havok and Maux having already played with each other, they won’t need to work a lot to understand each other’s gameplay.

Lastly, Cesar “Skyz” Bueno and Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom join the Mutineers to add some spice to the line-up. Both players had some struggles in the 2019 season. Skyz played with Luminosity Gaming, who on paper, had a phenomenal team. However, the team performed poorly overall and Skyz had gained a lot of experience from that. Frosty joined the newest esports team in the CWL; Midnight Esports. He joined them after playing with Enigma6 for roughly a year. However, Frosty also had a tough time with Midnight Esports during the later part of the CoD season.

Florida Mutineers Roster Team Prestinni Frosty Skyz Havok Maux Maniac
Source: @Mutineers Twitter

With this unique group, the Florida Mutineers will definitely be an exciting team to watch in the upcoming Call of Duty League season.

Florida Mutineers Events

Part of the new format for the Call of Duty League, each team will host two home games in their respected city. The F.M have the following schedule for the CDL:

Week 10 – Hosted By Florida Mutineers – SAT, APR 11 – SUN, APR 12 | ORLANDO, FL


  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Dallas Empire
  • New York Subliners
  • Paris Legion
  • Toronto Ultra
Week 22 – Hosted By Florida Mutineers – SAT, JUL 25 – SUN, JUL 26 | MIAMI, FL


  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • Dallas Empire
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Paris Legion

To purchase tickets for any Florida Mutineers events, go here.

For more information and updates on the team, go here.

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