“Finesse Him” – Loony Pistols Two Midnight Esports Players

Finesse Him - Loony Pistols Two Midnight Esports Players

Splyce weren’t able to seal the deal at the CWL Fort Worth tournament over the past weekend. But that didn’t mean they didn’t produce any highlight reels. Watch as Loony pistols Lacefield and LlamaGod from Midnight Esports.

Splyce vs Midnight Esports

Prior to the CWL Fort worth event, Midnight esports organization made a controversial move to change up the roster. Many didn’t understand it, but the point of it was to make Midnight Esports stronger. That didn’t happen to be the case at CWL Fort Worth, and the team bowed out early in competition. Although their match against Splyce could have gone either way, Midnight wasn’t able to clutch key rounds which lead to Splyce’s victory and continuation at the event.

But one particular moment during the match showed that Splyce’s key players were able to step up to the plat and deliver, and that player was Loony.

“Finesse Him” – Loony Pistols Two Midnight Esports Players

Leading up to round 2 of the match on Arsenal Search and Destroy, the games have been pretty even, with Splyce and Midnight Esports both getting two wins, taking it to a game 5. The first round on Arsenal went to Midnight Esports, and it didn’t look good for Splyce as Midnight was carrying the momentum into round two. With Splyce’s turn to plant and Midnight to defend, things started looking good for Midnight.

As Splyce planted the bomb, their players slowly dropped one by one until it was just Loony left on team Splyce. Midnight, however, had Lacefield and LlamaGod. Their only task was to find Loony and defuse the bomb. As simple as that task is, Loony made sure that it wasn’t going to be easy for them.

Loony the a concussion towards Lacefield to get an upper hand on the gun fight, and lucky for Loony, LlamaGod wasn’t around. By the time LlamaGod came to the scene, Loony already pistoled Lacefield. Then, that’s where all Loony had to do was “Fitness him”, which he does very well and lays melee’s LlamaGod to clutch the 1v2. This gave Splyce the life they needed as it was only downhill from there if Loony lost the round. An amazing clutch at one of the most pivotal moments in all of Splyce’s matches leading up to that point.

What does “finesse him” mean?

If you never heard of the term “finesse him“, don’t feel bad as Chance explained exactly what that means. Chance, who was the CoD caster calling the shots between Midnight Esports and Splyce explained this to the viewers what that term meant after Loony won the 1v2.

“If you’ve ever heard players in streams and they say finesse him. That is exactly what that means. That means play your corners. You know where he;s near-by. Juke left juke right. Run in circles.”

So if you’re ever in a match and someone tells you to finesse him, you know exactly what to do now.

Loony Splyce 1v2 Clutch CWL Fort Worth

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