FC Black and ZooMaa Smash Pro CoD Team By 217 Points

FC Black ZooMaa COD

ZooMaa waited all night for team Midnight to finally join them for some scrims, the outcome was ugly. 

For anyone who follows competitive CoD, scrims are never taken too seriously. It’s good practice, while most of them end up with trash talk and jokes. But there should be at least some dignity coming out of pro scrims. In the end it’s pros vs pros and in 2019 there should be some questions about the skill of some teams on the CoD Pro circuit.


ZooMaa, playing along with the rest of the FC Black crew, had been patiently waiting for team Midnight to join them for some scrim play. When they finally showed up and hosted game 1, FC Black absolutely destroyed them 250-33 on their first HP game.

Here is a video of the full game, streamed by ZooMaa:

Scrims or not, no pro squad should ever be beat by such a margin. Although team Midnight has shuffling in their roster, there has been mention of major changes if things don’t turn around in a hurry. Their Fort Worth showing was a disaster, getting smoked 0-3 in the round 1 losers bracket after going 0-3 in pool C, winning only 2 games out of 11.

Things need to change in a hurry for Midnight as their 2019 CWL season looks to be a complete mess.

Midnight Cod Team
Rsoter Additions Parasite, Lacefield and Blazt

To Midnight’s defense the FC Black team they scrimmed against are no slouches. Cellium, Zooma and company are pretty nasty players so it’s hardly fair to judge them on one map with no background on their situation. But still 250-33 should is an embarrassment, either show up to compete or don’t show up at all. There are many other teams hungry to jump into the CWL pro scene and Midnight’s recent performances in league play and tourneys is not helping them.

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