Is Dylan the New Dashy? Team Reciprocity Beats OpTic Gaming

Dylan the New Dashy Team Reciprocity Beats OpTic Gaming

One of the most exciting matches at CWL Fort Worth was Team Reciprocity against OpTic Gaming. In match 4, Dylan pulled out his Tempest and made an unbelievable shot to win the map. Is Dylan the new Dashy?

Team Reciprocity vs OpTic Gaming

When OpTic was going to face Team Rec in their first match at CWL Fort Worth, OG fans were happy about this for many reasons. One, Dashy was making his return after not being part of the team for four weeks. Being the MVP at Vegas, it only makes sense that the team will be better with him on it. Two, OpTic Gaming beat Team Reciprocity in the Pro League, and that was without Dashy.

Is Dylan the New Dashy?

Heading into match 4, OpTic Gaming knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy series. With Wuskin and Dylan from Team Reciprocity stepping up to the plate, OpTic was wasn’t cruising through the rounds like they hoped for. During match 4, both teams were battling it out on the hills, and it was incredibly close throughout the entire duration of the match. Then towards the end it looked like everything was going OpTic’s way, until Dylan made a crucial kill on Scump to take the last hill. At that moment, he pulled out the tempest and unleashed havoc.

Right before Dylan made his way to the last hill, he got two key kills on Dashy and TJHaly. He then got his Tempest and pulled it out. Everyone knew that OpTic was in trouble at this point. With the way Dylan was performing in the series, he was definitely on fire and having the tempest as his main weapon wasn’t going to be good for OG. His first victim was Crimsix, shooting him with the tempest down the hallway.

Tempest Nerfed? No Problem.

As Dylan was looking for more OpTic players, his teammates were doing an excellent job keeping them away from the hill so that Team Reciprocity can accumulate more points for the victory. With a few seconds left on the clock, he moved towards the entrance of the hill and saw Crimsix take down Zed. That’s when he moved in for the crucial knock down, taking Crimsix out again with his tempest, and securing the win for Team Reciprocity.

Dylan Team Reciprocity Kill Crimsix OpTic Gaming Hardpoint

We’ve seen OpTic Dashy clutch many matches at CWL Vegas with the tempest. Anytime Dashy pulled out the tempest, everyone knew that the other team was in for a surprise. Well, fast forward to CWL Fort Worth, and with the tempest going through a Nerf, it seemed that didn’t bother Dylan as he was still lethal with it. He was defending the hill with some incredible tempest shots. Just like Dashy at Vegas, we saw Dylan pull some incredible shots at Fort Worth.

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