Dr Disrespect Gets an Early Christmas Present. Can you Guess What is it?

DrDisrespect Gets an Early Christmas Present. Can you Guess What it is Gift Twitch Streamer
Image courtesy of Twitch.tv/drdisrespect

Christmas is right around the corner and many people are shopping to buy all the gifts for their loved ones, but, one guy is not buying gifts; instead he’s receiving gifts. DrDisrespect gets one of the best early Christmas presents.

DrDisrespect Gets an Early Christmas Present. Can you Guess What is it?

DrDisrespect is one of those streamers who you can watch for hours. He goes by a few nicknames, which one of them happen to be “the Two-Time”. He refers this to his Blockbuster championships he won back to back (93 and 94) jokingly as well ironically winning the Esports Industry Awards “Streamer of the year” and The Game Awards “Trending Gamer”, both in 2017.

His personality is rough, showing “disrespect” to his viewers (good-hearted) and talking in commando style. This is his persona, and you don’t ever want to mess with DrDisrespect, unless of course you send him a gift.

What’s inside?

During one of DrDisrespects live streams he received a gift and opened up the package to unveil his Champion’s fanny pack all in camouflage. He’s caught of guard, and then says:

“A Champion fanny pack?”

He then looks left in disbelief. Being an 80’s baby all DrDisrespect saw was probably fanny packs in his face the whole time. So he can definitely relate with the 80’s fanny pack. He then continues, “A Champions fanny pack ladies and gentleman“.

DrDisrespect then switches to his cut scene where he stands up and slowly puts on the military fanny pack, looking around the room to check if there’s any unsuspected spies looking to crash in on his special moment. This is probably the happiest we’ve ever seen DrDisrespect in, and it had to come during the holiday season, receiving one of the coolest gifts he could of ever asked for. Enjoy the fanny pack DrDisrespect, we know you could use another compartment to carry more magazines with you!

Twitch Video Clip:

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