Dr Disrespect Makes #CodeRedLive Finals. His Reaction is Priceless

Dr Disrespect #CodeRedLive Finals Reaction Priceless Esports Blackout
Image source: twitch.tv/drdisrespect

Dr Disrespect was playing along side his squad for the #CodeRedLive Call of Duty Blackout tournament. Dr D, HusKers, LyndonFPS and Meerko seemed unstoppable, until they struck bad luck right out of the gates. With Dr Disrespect eliminated in the first minute, how would the team bounce back?

#CodeRedLive – Road to the Finals

Dr Disrespect wanted to start on train. Then work their way up RiverTown and head to the mall. At the start of the pregame, the Dr screams into the mic, “These guys are nervous man. I can sense it. HusKers is shaking in his boots right?” with a grin on his face. He then finishes by saying “Let’s shut em down!“.

At the start of the Blackout match, everyone picked a point on the map to go to; a House off the RiverTown side. While streaming down, Dr D says “we got one guy, he’s beating us, he’s beating us man“.  One opponent was getting to their destination faster than Dr D’s team. LyndonFPS was shaking it off saying everything’s good until he realized an enemy did reach the house they were all suppose to get to first. This caused a little panic.

LyndonFPS can then be heard in a panic voice saying, “Yea yea yea, sh*t. Uhhhh. I’m going up Doc I’m going to the other building“. Their original plan didn’t go as planned and now were dealing with a curve ball that they didn’t expect. At this moment, Dr Disrespect was in focus mode looking to break into the house and find a weapon as soon as possible.

#CodeRedLive Mayhem

The Doc breaks into the house quickly and spots a 12 gauge on the floor. He instantly equips the gun and then heads towards the upstairs since the enemy that landed at the house first managed to get in by the 2nd floor. As the Doc starts running up stairs, he notices the florescent pink outfit (enemy) and quickly tries to pick him off with his 12 gauge. He fires two times, hitting the enemy the first time and missing the second. The Doc then tried to melee strike as he couldn’t believe the first shot didn’t kill the enemy.

The enemy then jumps out the window and lands on the ground, only to enter the house again through the broken window. Dr Disrespect had his eyes on the target, following him to give the final blow. As he chases the enemy inside he shots them to the ground. With one shot he took out the enemy, but at this crucial moment, he has no more bullets left. The Doc then had his 12 gauge automatically reload and he tried to swing a final blow to the fallen enemy until he got shot from behind.

The enemy’s teammate got into the building in time to save his partner who Dr Disrespect took down. At this moment the Doc got incredibly mad he slammed his arms on the desk. Most likely because LyndonFPS wasn’t by his side in time.


Dr Disrespect Makes #CodeRedLive Finals. His Reaction is Priceless

Forwarding late into the game, only two of Dr Disrespects team was left standing. HusKers and Meerko, who tagged along side the whole match. At the final point of the match, HusKers was trying to revive Merrko who got shot from his left side.

It was an incredible moment because while Meerko was down, he was crawling backwards and avoid a bunch of nades not to get eliminated. At this point, HusKers hurried to pick him up until he had to jump away from a tank that came crashing in. That’s when the clip below comes into play. HusKers was the only one left with everyone, including Dr Disrespect viewing his screen.

Since HusKers avoided death until that point, it pushed the entire team to finish #10 overall and allowed them to qualify for the #CodeRedLive finals. Everyone broke down, celebrating like a team that just came back from a 0-10 deficit. Dr Disrespect says


Seeing Dr Disrespect get this excited doesn’t come around too often, and everyone was loving his reaction in the chat box. The Doc was so excited he did a victory dance sum up how he felt after reaching the #CodeRedLive finals.

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