Dr Disrespect Says Hello In Dolphin. Amazes Everyone.

Dr Disrespect Says Hello In Dolphin. Amazes Everyone Call of Duty Blackout
Image source: twitch.tv/drdisrespect
  • During one of Dr Disrespect’s Twitch streams, one fan donated $5 and asked him to do something rather unusual. Find out what he was asked to do below.
Dr Disrespect, Jack of All Trades

If you ever bump into Dr Disrespect, you better be on your A-game. The 2x Blockbuster 90’s Champion is always on top of his game. Gunning down his opponents in Blackout, and providing awesome visuals in his Twitch stream.

His fans donate to Dr Disrespect when they can, and he greatly appreciates all the kind gestures. Even following him you’ll most likely get a nod from the “two-time”. Well, this time one of Dr Disrespects fans threw a curveball, and when we thought that the Doc has finally become dumbfounded, this happens.

Dr Disrespect Says Hello In Dolphin. Amazes Everyone

The Doc just finished playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and took some time to check out his chatroom. He ended up receiving a $5 donation from a user named “Rocco”. For those who don’t know, when you give a donation to a streamer on Twitch, you have the ability to add a comment with your donation. With Dr Disrespect, he almost always reads the comments with the donation, as he’s a straight-up guy.

Rocco asked the Doc to say “hello” in Dolphin. This is Doc’s reaction.

Not only did he instantly speak Dolphin, but he also did it as if that was his first language, not hesitating and looking right into the camera, perhaps into Rocco’s soul and maybe saying more than “hello” in Dolphin. When the Doc finished, he casually went back to playing Call of Duty Blackout, as if speaking Dolphin was a regular thing for him. Everyone in the room typed “lol” and “wtf”, amazed that the Doc speaks such a language.

Dr Disrespect DOC Speaks Dolphin on Twitch TV Livestream to Viewers Fans Blackout
Image source: twitch.tv/drdisrespect

Maybe he learned how to speak Dolphin from playing too much of Ecco the Dolphin on the Sega Genesis. Of course, this game would be time appropriate given Docs age, and the fact that he participated in the Blockbuster Championships which was exclusive for Sega Genesis.

It would make sense that he played Ecco the Dolphin back then because where else would he have learned to speak Dolphin? This is why the Doc is the Jack of all Trades.

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