Dashy Trades in Tempest for Annihilator. Turns Out He’s Beast With it Too

OpTic Dashy Seraph Prophet Tempest CWL Gaming Pro

OpTic Dashy is one of the deadliest players in COD. Since he joined OpTic Gaming, he has created highlight reels after highlight reels. It’s hard to miss any of his clips if you’re active in the Call of Duty Esports world. Fans share his clips like wild fire, and this clip is no exception. 

Dashy Was Deadly With Tempest

Brandon Otell, who goes by his gamer name “Dashy”, was the Most Valuable Player at the last CWL Vegas Open. With his 1.37 KD, and his dominant performance, fans and players took notice. He was a deadly force, and once his Prophet activated the Tempest, everyone knew who was watching that we were in for a treat.

Going into the tournament using the Prophet, people found out that Dashy was a scary force once he enabled his Tempest, making highlight reels like the clip above. However, something changed after the tournament. Rumor was going around that the Tempest might have been nerfed by Treyarch because it was too deadly. Some gamers were assuming that the range and spread that the Tempest would give was no longer effective, and to bring an opponent down wasn’t as easy anymore.

Change of Plan

OpTic Dashy has changed characters in Black Ops 4; now using the Seraph where is’ just as lethal. Some rumor posts on Call of Duty Reddit were saying that he wasn’t happy with the Tempest anymore as the nerfed gun wasn’t up to his standards. Would this cause a change in his ability to tear up the scene? Nope.

Dash, being the pro that he is, was able to adapt to Seraph and her special weapon; the Annihilator.

While many were saying the Tempest and Dashy were a match made in heaven, it seems that he found himself a new partner to wreak havoc. In the clip, he pops the Annihilator, killing three enemies long distance, and then ending the fourth one up close.

OpTic Dashy Seraph Annihilator CWL Open Call of Duty

It looks like he hasn’t lost his magic touch, and we’ll all be looking forward to Fort Worth to see how he plays with Seraph in competitive play.

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