Dashy Explains Why OpTic Closed Twitch Streams Before CWL London

Dashy Explains Why OpTic Closed Twitch Streams Before CWL London

Prior to CWL London, no one from OpTic Gaming was making their streams public. Dashy explains why. 

Under-performed at CWL Fort Worth

OpTic Gaming entered the 2019 CWL Pro League in a tough position. They just came off an incredible performance at CWL Vegas, and we’re looking to continue their dominance at the pro league. However. one of OpTic’s main stars, Dashy, had issues joining the team in Columbus, Ohio where the pro league takes place. Because of that, OpTic Gaming needed to find a replacement which came from FaZe ZooMaa. After four weeks of the pro league, OpTic didn’t look too bad, and ZooMaa found his mojo within the group. By the time the next major tournament at Fort Worth came, Dashy was finally able to join the group again.

However, despite Dashy rejoining the group, it all went downhill from there. OpTic Gaming lost some crucial matches, and bowed out of the tournament early on. They under-performed, and were looking for answers. OG made a “role change”, moving Karma to Battery and TJHaLy to Ruin. However, that’s not all OG decided to do.

OpTic Gaming Closed Streams

After the first match at CWL London, Dashy was asked by Lottie Van-Praag about OG laying low before the tournament. Specifically she said: “But I did notice on your social medias, on Twitter, you guys already turned your streams off, you focused up. How are you guys feeling overall?”. Here’s Dashy’s response.

Dashy responded saying:

“We turned off our streams, we just really focused on practice because obviously our practice, when you’re streaming people get to see what you’re doing and how you approach the game and stuff. So we just wanted to like kind of like hide that more obviously. And just focus more on just the gameplay, not the Twitch money and stuff like that.”

For those who don’t remember, when Midnight Esports beat OpTic Gaming in the first match of the CWL Pro League, Envoy, who played for Midnight Esports at the time said the team studied OpTic Gaming. This is one of the reasons they were able to beat OG because they studied their every move.

OpTic Gaming knows they have eyeballs on them, and the only way to keep trade secrets in place is not to allow anyone to see what they are doing. Will the move pay off at CWL London? So far it’s been working as they are 2-0 in the tournament.

OpTic Gaming Hiding Secrets from Opponents No Twitch Stream

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