CWL Pro League Trash Talk – Skrapz vs Wuskin Twins

Skrapz vs Wuskin Twins Matthew vs Bradley Marshall CWL Pro League Trash Talk
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The CWL Pro League brings in new and exciting things every year. This season, we have the brother rivalry. Twins who despise each other and are willing to do anything just to beat the other. Here’s the first taste of trash talking from the 2019 CWL Pro League season.

The Twins – Skrapz vs Wuskin

One of the hot topics leading into the CWL Pro League season was the brother rivalry; the Call of Duty twins Matthew Marshall (Skrapz) and Bradley Marshall (Wuskin). On opening day, the Call of Duty world saw the twins kickoff things with their teams, Reciprocity and Red Reserve.

A few days before the start of the season, Wuskin and Skrapz exchanged a couple of words over Twitter to spice things up, with Skrapz  tweeting this to his brother.

“I might go for a Spa before even play ya” – Skrapz

Wuskin replied to the tweet saying, “You’re forehead is popping out my screen you f***ing sprout”. There’s no better way to start off the CWL Pro League 2019 season then some small trash talk on social media. However, when opening came came, Jess Brohard quickly took the opportunity to interview Matthew Marshall (Skrapz) and Bradley Marshall (Wuskin) before the games began.  Here’s how the interview went.

CWL Pro League Trash Talk

February 4th was the first day of the Pro League, and opening up the season was Reciprocity and Red Reserve. Before the game started, Jess Brohard, reporter for Call of Duty World LEague took the twins at the front of the stage to question them. Trash talking commenced.

Skrapz vs Wuskin Twins Matthew vs Bradley Marshall CWL Trash Talk
Jess Brohard Interviews the Twins

Here’s the pre-match interview between Wuskin and Skrapz.

Jess Brohard: “We saw you guys exchanging a couple of words on Twitter. Of course Skrapz we saw that video that you tweeted at your brother, so Wuskin, do you have any, what’s your reaction to that video?”

Wuskin Twin Bradley Marshall CWL Trash Talk Reciprocity Esports

Wuskin: “Usually he’s got a bit of a mouth on him. So I let him be. I’ll be humble about it and when we play we’ll settle it that way.

Skrapz responds: “Listen mate, you’ve given it big talk about us looking short about playing it and stuff. He’s absolutely bottled it. I’ve already won 3 nil it’s over”.

Jess Brohard: “Alright so this is going to be the first time aside from the all-star match you guys have faced each other, so how are you feeling about that?”

Skrapz: “Well he had the better team in the all-star game by ten thousand miles so, I let him have that one. This is a business. It’s over.”

Wuskin Replies: “What can I say? This isn’t World War II you know. This is a one month team by the looks of it. Should have not qualified. We’ll see how it goes.”

Jess Brohard: “Alright, well any final words just before you play?”

Wuskin: “Good luck.”

Skrapz Twin Bradley Matthew CWL Trash Talk Red Reserve Esports

Skrapz: “I can’t wait to get me hands on you. I want to shot your body and everything.”

Full Video of the Skrapz vs Wuskin Pre-game Interview

Skrapz got the best of his brother Wuskin as Red Reserve beat Reciprocity on opening day. The twins did have an impressive showing which made for a great opening day of the CWL Pro League 2019 season.

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