CWL Panel Share Their Thoughts on Excelerate Gaming

CWL Panel Share Their Thoughts on Excelerate Gaming Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Esports
Image source: Call of Duty Twitch

Excelerate Gaming lost to Splyce yesterday in the CWL Pro League match, three games to one. The lopsided win for Splyce left many fans of Excelerate GG scratching their heads. The CWL panel stepped in and gave their thoughts.

Call of Duty World League Week 4 – Excelerate GG VS Splyce

Yesterday was was the start of Week 4 in the CWL Pro League 2019 season. Division B was going into their second week to decide who’s going to lead the pack before the cross divisional games begin. One of the games from yesterday had Excelerate GG against Splyce.

The final score shook some fans, as Excelerate GG lost 3-1; their only win wasn’t exactly convincing which some fans said it should have been a sweep. However. Excelerate GG didn’t have one of their main players, Walker Wedgeworth aka “FASTBALLA“, which changed the dynamics of the team. Pacman explains more on the CWL Panel.

CWL Panel Share Their Thoughts on Excelerate Gaming

After Excelerate GG’s loss, the CWL Panel, consisting of Jeremy Astacio, Katie Bedford, Jonathan Tucker and Anthony Wheeler took over to share their thoughts on the whole situation.

Jonathan Tucker, aka Pacman, stepped in and said this.

“FASTBALLA is one of the fastest players that we’ve ever seen in Call of duty. But to a fault he sprints forward none stop. Now they picked up a player who is clearly slower paced, and it’s making the other people on the team struggle.”

The situation with Excelerate GG is unfortunate as they aren’t the worse team in the division and have one win under their belt. However, they haven’t been progressing forward as much as fans were hoping for. Playing the top team in the Division proved that they were not up to par, and some changes will have to be made.

CWL Pro League Panel Analyst Caster Reporter Tucker Bedford Wheeler Astacio
Image source: Call of Duty Twitch
Pacman Continues

Although Excelerate GG didn’t do bad at all in the first week, taking top teams to the very end, yesterday was a different story as the game was not close. Pacman then continued, saying it’s hard for a team to not have a player (FASTBALLA) that goes out every single game in front of you.

Will Excelerate GG make some changes after their first hard defeat?

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