CWL London 2019: Pools, Schedule, Stats and Updates.

CWL London Event Call of Duty World League Open Tournament Gfinity Esports

Updating [May 5, 2019]: Gfinity CWL London continues on Day 3 with six teams competing for the CWL trophy. Today’s matches will conclude the Winners and Losers brackets, as well a crowning a champion for CWL London.Here’s everything you need to know heading into the Call of Duty esports tournament including results and schedule.

CWL London Day 3 (May 5)

The final day of CWL London is underway, and we have six teams left fighting. Fans some some incredible moments in Day 2 of London. 100 Thieves was the the big stand out as they swpt eUnited in their first patch, and did a reverse sweep to Gen.G securing their spot in the Winners Finals. We would see an epic OpTic Gaming VS 100 Thieves again, and at this point it’s anyone’s game.

Team Envy were the stars of Day 2, beating heavy weights Splyce, and eliminating the CWL Fort Worth champions Luminosity Gaming. Katie Bedford, CWL London host stated that Team Envy were the winners from the last Rostermania, picking up Decemate (Jacob Cato). He has been stellar so far in London and one of the reasons Team Envy has been doing so well at the tournament.

OpTic Gaming had a spectacular day 2 sweeping both FaZe Clan and Team Heretics. All the doubts that fans had for OG coming into CWL London is out the window now, and the team has a new found glory. All OpTic Gaming players have been performing great, with Karma stealing the show on Day 1, and TJ HaLy stepping up to the plate. Their match against 100 Thieves will be one for the ages.

eUnited continued their mojo in Day 2. The team looks like they’ve found a solid system and are now carrying momentum into Day 3. Here’s the schedule for the final day at CWL London.

CWL London Championship Sunday Schedule
1). 2:00 AM PT / 5:00 AM ET

eUnited 3 VS Team Heretics 0

2). 3:30 AM PT / 6:30 AM ET

Gen.G 1 VS Team Envy 3

3). 6:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM ET (Winners Finals)

OpTic Gaming 1 VS 100 Thieves 3

4). 7:30 AM PT / 10:30 AM ET (Losers Semifinals)

eUnited 3 VS Team Envy 0

4). 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET (Losers Finals)

eUnited 3 VS OpTic Gaming 0

CWL London Losers Bracket Grand Final Esports Call of Duty
CWL London Winners Bracket Grand Final Esports Call of Duty
5). 9:30 AM PT / 12:30 AM ET (Grand Finals)


Day 2 (May 4) of CWL London

Day 1 brought some surprising results, as well as some of the best action packed matches we’ve seen in a while. Defending CWL champs Luminosity went 0-3 on day 1,  Jeremy Astacio, who is part of the CWL panel said that Luminosity Gaming were having champions jitters and that they should eventually find themselves in this tournament. Even Loony from Splyce said that he expects Luminosity to bounce back at they are a top tier team in the league. For those who might not remember, Luminosity had a slow start at CWL Fort Worth as well, however, they didn’t go 0-3.

OpTic Gaming are back on track with their perfect 3-0 performance yesterday. After their poor performance at CWL Fort Worth, OpTic Gaming needed to change things around. The team turned off their streams prior to the tournament so that other teams wouldn’t be able to study them. This move proved to be a factor in their 3-0 start. The major challenge for OpTic Gaming was their last match again 100 Thieves. In the regular season, OG and 100T meet for the first time, where 100T go the best of OG sweeping them 3-0. For OpTic Gaming to be considered the favorites for the tournament, they would have to beat their arch nemesis. After a hard fought battle, OpTic Gaming beat 100 Thieves 3-1.

European Hope

Team Reciprocity were heavy favorites after their performance at CWL Fort Worth, however, after day 1 the team finds themselves at the bottom of the list. They finished 0-3 on day 1, which surprised many fans, and left them wondering what happened. Team Heretics on the other hand went 3-0 on opening day, leaving hope for European fans. Denial Esports were 1-2, with some light of hope shinning upon the team.

Evil Geniuses, Midnight Esports, Enigma6, Team Envy all compete in the losers bracket. Out of these four teams, Team Envy had the best chance of moving on in the Winners bracket. After starting off strong in their first match, Team Envy lost the next two matches to put them in the losers bracket. The same could be said for Evil Geniuses and Enigam6.

In the winners bracket, the matches to watch out for are Splyce VS Team Heretics, and eUnited VS 100 Thieves. If Team Heretics beat Splyce, they are strong contenders for the Finals. Here’s the complete schedule below.

1). 6:00 AM PT / 9:00 AM ET

eUnited 0 VS 100 Thieves 3
Gen.G 3 VS UYU 0
Team Reciprocity 3 VS Evil Geniuses 1
Midnight Esports 3 VS Denial Esports 1

2). 7:30 AM PT / 10:30 AM ET

OpTic Gaming 3 VS FaZe Clan 0
Splyce 1 VS Team Heretics 3
Team Envy 3 VS Enigma6 1
Luminosity Gaming 3 VS Elevate 2

3). 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET (Losers Round 2 Brackets )

Team Reciprocity 3 VS UYU 1
eUnited 3 VS Midnight Esports 2
Splyce 1 VS Team Envy 3
FaZe Clan 2 VS Luminosity Gaming 3

4). 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET (Winners Semifinal Brackets/ Losers Round 3 Brackets )

OpTic Gaming 3 VS Team Heretics 0
100 Thieves 3 VS Gen.G 2 (Reverse Sweep)
Team Reciprocity 1 VS eUnited 3
Team Envy 3 VS Luminosity Gaming 2

Stay tuned for scores and results updates. Below is what we can look forward to throughout the day for both the winners and losers brackets.

CWL London Winners Bracket Results Quarterfinals Semifinals Winner Finals
CWL London Losers Bracket Results Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Day 1 of the London Major Results

CWL London is underway, and the third Call of Duty major has just started. The CWL panel got right into things and started off discussing the tournament layout and what to look forward to, pointing out the new addition of FaZe Clan in the tournament. Additionally, the main focus is on how well the European teams will perform on home soil.

Splyce started off the CWL London tournament playing Denial Esports. The match started off on Frequency playing Hardpoint. the match was fairly even at the start, but Splyce was showing the crowd that they are one of the top teams in the league. The other game that was playing at the same time was eUnited against Team Envy which has been very even in the first two matches. Here’s the complete schedule for Day 1 of CWL London. The scores will be updated after every match conclusion.

1). 5:00 AM PT / 8:00 am EST

Splyce 3 VS Denial Esports 0
eUnited 1 vs Team Envy 3
Gen.G 3 vs Luminosity Gaming 0
FaZe Clan 3 vs Evil Geniuses 2

2). 6:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM EST

100 Thieves 3 VS Team Reciprocity 1
OpTic Gaming 3 vs Enigma6 2
Team Heretics 3 VS UYU 0
Midnight Esports 1 VS Elevate 3

3). 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM EST

eUnited 3 VS FaZe Clan 2
Gen.G 3 VS Splyce 0
Team Envy 1 VS Evil Geniuses 3
Luminosity Gaming 2 VS Denial Esports 3

4). 9:30 AM PT / 12:30 PM EST

OpTic Gaming 3 VS Team Reciprocity 0
Team Heretics 3 VS Elevate 0
100 Thieves 3 VS Enigma6 1
Midnight Esports 3 VS UYU 2

5). 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

Splyce 3 VS Luminosity Gaming 1
FaZe Clan 3 VS Team Envy 1
Gen.G 3 VS Denial Esports 1
eUnited 3 VS Evil Geniuses 1

6). 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET

100 Thieves 1 VS OpTic Gaming 3
Midnight Esports 1 VS Team Heretics 3
Enigma6 3 VS Team Reciprocity 1
UYU 3 VS Elevate 1

Stay tuned for final scores of Day 2 at London.


What to Look Forward at CWL London

Gfinity Esports will be hosting the CWL London 2019 tournament. It seems like a long time coming. The pools were mentioned immediately following Luminosity Gaming’s tournament win at Fort Woth, which seems like a life time ago. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this event to finally take place.

CWL fans have been patiently waiting since the end of the second part of the Pro League cross-divisional play for the next major tournament. Many of the players in the league were taking time off, practicing and streaming on the side. However, the time has come for them to pick up their controllers and get right back into the action. Here’s what we can look forward to.


The Cross-divisional CWL play has ended, with Gen.G leading the group with a record of 9 wins and 2 losses. Next two teams are tied for 2nd place with Heretics and eUnited each having 8 wins and 3 loses. OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves follow suit, and with the way the Pro League has ended, it seems like it can be anyone’s tournament.

The teams that had surprising finishes in league play were Excelerate GG, and Team Envy in Division B. Excelerate GG were struggling before the last two games. Excelerate GG lost the first match of the last week to reigning champs of Fort Worth, Luminosity Gaming 3-2. It was a close game which could have gone either way. However, Excelerate went on to 3-0 UYU and Evil Geniuses. Fans of Excelerate will be looking for the team to carry over the momentum heading into CWL London. Heretics had a perfect end week beating out EG, and the Fort Worth champions. European fans will be looking for a strong tournament from Heretics.

One of the teams that have shined since the start of the Pro League was 100 Thieves. They started off the first week with a horrible record. However, the team rebounded from their poor results from the first week and have been dominating almost every match. In the last tournament in Fort Worth, 100 Thieves were on the path to victory and some Call of Duty casters were picking 100 Thieves to take it all. Nameless, a CWL caster even placed 100 Thieves in top 3 at Fort Worth, with many fans placing them at the top. However, one of 100 Thieves fill-in stars, Priestah, caught a fever in the semifinals and were eliminated by Splyce.

If Priestah, one of the biggest stars at the tournament was still healthy and placed in the semis, things could have been different and fans would have seen a 100 Thieves vs Luminosity Gaming finals. We can only imagine what could have been. Gen.G finished the last week strong by winning all their matches. They fell short at the last tournament and will be looking for payback this time around.

Teams to Look Out For

OpTic Gaming – After having played two weeks together as a full unit, and making some role changes, OpTic Gaming will be looking to have better results that at Fort Worth, which left many loyal OG fans disappointed.

Luminosity Gaming – Although the team had a slow start at Fort Worth, they finished cross-divisional play in style and will be looking to replicate their success of Fort Worth. They are possibly the most lethal team out there, with a line-up consisting of veteran players.

Gen.G – With the Rostermania changes before Fort Worth, Gen.G picked up a key player, Envoy. The addition of Envoy has made the team stronger, although many fans could argue that since Gen.G was performing incredibly well even without Envoy. The team will be looking to get vengeance from their loss to Splyce.

Team Reciprocity – Reciprocity has a decent final week of cross-divisional play, going 2-2. However, their performance at the last tournament was stellar, and with the addition of Dylan to the squad has only made the team stronger. Team Rec will be the underdogs heading into CWL London, however, they will be a team to look out for.

CWL London Schedule:

Here are the schedules for

CWL London Schedule Friday May 3rd - Main Stream
Call Of Duty
May 3rd Bravo Stream Twitch.Tv CWL London Schedule
Source: Call of Duty
Charlie Stream Twitch May 3 CWL London Schedule
Call of Duty


CWL London Schedule Delta Stream
Call of Duty

Stay tuned for more updates from the CWL London tournament.

CWL London Selling out

Call of Duty esports fans are taking notice in the UK. With the CWL coming to London, fans are quickly buying tickets for the event at the Copper Box Arena. With the prize pool being $75,000, the competition will be fierce which is what fans want to see; top teams battling it out.

With the announcement of the CWL Pro League coming to London, we take a look at the event (pictures below). The last time Gfinity Esports hosted a major Call of Duty event was in 2016. Here’s all the information you need to know about the CWL London Event.

CWL London Event May 3 to May 5 [Call of Duty World League]

Gfinity Esports has will be hosting the CWL London event, which will be the 3rd event in the 2019 season. Gfinity Esports isn’t a stranger to hosting competitions. The esports company was founded in 2012. Gfinity is the only UK esports organizer, bringing many major opens to London. The company also hosts daily online tournaments for a number of games.

Gfinity Esports has grown since 2012, and hosts a variety of events on different platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC). They’ve also launched the Gfinity Elite Series with something called the “Challenger Series”. Games that are part of the Challenger series are CS:GO, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. With CWL London finally in place, this is a great opportunity for the Call of Duty brand to grow in Europe and make it’s mark as Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the FPS leader in that part of the world.

CWL UK Information

Gfinity Esports partnered with Activision Blizzard to host the CWL London on May 3rd to May 5th. The event will take place at the Copper Box Arena which holds a capacity of 7,500. There will be two different competitions for Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

CWL London Prize Pool Tournament

There will be 16 teams featured at the CWL London event. A separate tournament will be hosted side by side to give an opportunity for amateur teams to partake in this event. Over 200 amateur teams will compete for $75,000. The main event for the CWL London will have a prize pool of $325,00. All games will be played on the PlayStation 4.

What to Expect – Copper Box Arena Pictures

The major Call of Duty event will take place at the Copper Box Arena, which is located at:

  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3HB, United Kingdom

Here are pictures showing where the event will take place and how it will look like inside.

CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Outside OutDoor
Out the Copper Box Arena, London UK
CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Outside
Outside Copper Box Arena Crowd
CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Outside Lineup
Copper Box Arena Line-up
CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Main Entrance
Main Entrance to Arena
CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Hallway Entrance
Arena Hallway
CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Inside Seating
Seating Entrance
CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Inside Seat Plan
Seating View


CWL London Copper Box Arena Esports Event Gym

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