CWL Fort Worth Prediction. NAMELESS Ranks Top 8 Teams

CWL Fort Worth Prediction. NAMELESS Ranks Top 8 Teams
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With a few days left before CWL Fort Worth officially kicks off, NAMELESS has given his predictions and asked everyone to reply to his post with theirs. Here’s the CWL Fort Worth prediction from Twitter.

CWL Fort Worth Prediction

This Friday, on March 15th, the second Call of Duty World League major will begin. The CWL is going to Fort Worth Texas (CWL Fort Worth), and 16 professional Call of Duty esports teams will duke it out for a prize pool of $325,000. Rostermania just passed with nine teams making changes to their CoD roster. Crimsix gave his opinion on the changes and what it means for pro players.

However, with the upcoming CWL Open, everyone is voicing their opinions and making predictions. Well, Anthony Wheeler, aka NAMELESS has created an Official CWL Fort Worth Prediction thread on Twitter. NAMELESS is a current caster and analyst for the Call of Duty World League, and gives his input about everything Call of duty. Here’s what everyone is predicting for CWL Fort Worth.

NAMELESS Makes Prediction. Names Top 8

First let’s start with NAMELESS. He’s been on the panel for almost every CWL match this season. He’s seen all the matches, and knows the behind scenes activities. If there’s anyone who knows the game, it’s NAMELESS. Being a caster himself, he has to approach the game differently than most. When he watches a CWL match, he analyzes things that the regular viewer wouldn’t even consider. This is fine as that’s the reason NAMELESS is a CWL Analyst. Moreover, this is his Predictions.

It’s interesting to note that he put Luminosity in 2nd place. Technically speaking, on paper the team is phenomenal. On top of that, they finished 4th place at the last major which was the CWL Vegas Open. However, everyone agrees that the team has under-performed at the start, loosing 4 games in a row before beating the Evil Geniuses. But, Luminosity bounced back strong, winning three in a row. They beat the incredibly hot Midnight Esports who only lost one game at that time. And they also went on to beat OpTic Gaming. So Luminosity is 3-0 in their last three matches leading up to CWL Fort worth. They are on a nice hot winning streak.

As well, it’s no secret that NAMELESS is behind them and giving his support as we saw after they lost their 2nd game. He offered motivational words to them, giving some advice for game adjustments.

Does NAMELESS’ Followers Share his Opinion?

As of this writing, there were 765 likes with roughly 158 comments. After waiting a bit, we took a look to see what everyone else was thinking. Most comments shared NAMELESS’ OpTic and 100T picks in the top 3. However, Luminosity was replaced with eUnited. Some users placed Luminosity lower on the list while others didn’t have them in the top 8. However, with the facts mention above and Luminosity finishing incredibly strong in their last 3 matches, it’s rather harsh to knock them out of the top 8, let alone the top 3.

The top 3 spots were mostly filled with either OpTic Gaming, 100T, Splyce, eUnited or Gen.G. OpTic Gaming will have Dashy coming back to their line-up, and they were dominate at CWL Vegas with him. So it’s no wonder everyone is choosing OpTic to be in the top 3, (mostly sitting in the #1 spot). Considering how competitive divisional play was, it’s really hard to make a top 8 list. Interestingly enough, Team Heretics, who came out blazing and shocked the league by beating eUnited and Splyce have surprisingly been left out in the top 8.

CWL Fort Worth will definitely be a thriller, and we all can’t wait enough for it to begin.

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