CWL Fort Worth Location – How to Get to the event.

CWL Fort Worth Location - How to Get to the event.

With less than one week to go before the CWL Fort Worth officially starts, fans are getting ready to attend the highly anticipated 2nd major of the Pro League 2019 season. Here’s how to get to the CWL Fort Worth location.

Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth Texas

With just a few days left before the actions starts at the CWL Fort Worth, many Call of Duty fans are getting prepared to attend the event in Fort Worth Texas. There’s many ways to get to the event, and regardless of your way of transportation you’ll need to know of the key points of Fort Worth. Where are the hotels, where an you find parking, all the information will be found below.

How to get to CWL Fort worth

The Fort Worth Convention Center takes up a lot of real estate in downtown Fort Worth, taking up 14 blocks of the city’s Central Business District. The Fort worth Convention Center has a max capacity, going anywhere from  50-14,000; No. of receptions – 2,000; Theater seating, if available – 14,000.

CWL Fort worth Location

To get to the Call of Duty event, the convention center is held at the address below:

1201 Houston Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102-6432
Sundance Square & Downtown

If you haven’t booked your ticket for the event, you’ll want to grab some before they are all sold out. Here’s where to get your ticket for the CWL Fort Worth event:

Wherever you’re traveling from, you’ll want to have a set up point on Google Maps so that you don’t get lost along the way. It’ll be helpful if you have a mobile phone and just plug in your coordinates.

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CWL Fort Worth Location Parking

If you’re traveling by car, the best thing would be to know where you find parking before you arrive. Instead of figuring out where to park while on the road, you’ll want to have an action plan and write down key parking areas. Depending on where you stay, there’s many places to park near the CWL event.

CWL Fort Worth Parking Locations on Map Where to Go

There’s quite a bit of options for parking if you’re traveling there by car. You can go to the Convention Center Garage which is located on 1301 Commerce St. Covered multi-level garage. The price isn’t going to be cheap as the whole day will set you back $22.

The second nearest location would be the Houston Street Garage which is located at 1400 Houston St. The same pricing goes into effect which is $22 for the whole day. If you’re planning on not staying the whole day, the cost will be $3 per 20 minutes. But at that rate it not much of a savings.

Fort Worth Hotels for the Event

There’s a variety of hotels within the proximity of the Fort Worth Convention Center. Here’s some hotels for the CWL Fort Worth location.

CWL Fort Worth Hotel Downtown

The closest hotel to the CWL event would be the Fairfield Inn and Suites in downtown Fort Worth. Located at 1010 Houston Street, it’s probably your best bet for conviniance.

But if you’re looking for some bargain, there’s other hotels of interest such as the Aloft Fort worth located on 334 West 3rd Street or The Ashton Hotel located at 610 Main Street. Whever you decide to stay you can do more research by visiting the official Fort Worth website here:

Here’s more information on the CWL Fort Worth.

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