CWL Fort Worth 2019 UPDATE: Pools, Schedule, Stats and Analysis.

CWL Fort Worth 2019 UPDATE Teams Schedule, Pools, Location, Results Texas

UPDATED March 17, 2019: Here’s everything you need to know about CWL Fort Worth 2019. Day 2 results; winners brackets and losers brackets, and what to look forward heading into Championship day.

FINALS: Day 3 of the CWL Fort Worth Open – March 17

Semi-Finals Losers Bracket

1). Team Reciprocity vs Red Reserve

Throughout the series, Dylan and Wuskin have been doing great, and Team Reciprocity only got better as they beat one of the best teams in the league, Gen.G to advance to the Semifinals of the Losers Bracket.

Both teams faced each other at the start of the Pro League where Red Reserve 3-0’d Team Rec. Would Reciprocity get their revenge? Series was tied at the start, 1-1 for the start of the Semi-finals. The teams moved to Gridlock playing Control in Match 3. Both teams exchanged rounds at the start, and Team Rec was looking a lot better than their first match against RR. Reciprocity took game 3 and lead the series 2-1. The next map was Frequency hardpoint, and although the game was quite even, Tec Rec looked to be the better team.

This went to a game 5 as predicted by Benson.  The map was on Payload playing Search and Destroy. Tecm Rec “lived here, and won here” as Benson said it. So it was their map to take.

2-0 Lead for Team Reciprocity

Team Rec got up with a quick 2-0 lead. Reciprocity continued their dominance, and Dylan was making highlight reels. It was 4-1 for Rec at one point and RR was on the fences trying to win round 6 which they did. There was a lucky break with Dylan falling off the map leaving it 5v3 for RR in the round which they won. Nerves were showing on both teams, but Reciprocity came back with a solid round, planting the bomb for the round win and puts them up 5-2 against Red Reserve. The last round was all Team Reciprocity as they stayed composed and beat Red Reserve in convincing fashion.

Reciprocity got their revenge and stayed alive at Fort Worth. They are the “game 5 winners” as they’ve been winning game 5’s in their last 3 matches. It was sweet revenge for Wuskin and both brothers hugged at the end to show their sportsmanship.

2). Enigma6 – 1 : 100T – 3

The big story of this match was Priestah not part of the line-up. He was feeling under the weather and not able to continue for the rest of the day. Fero came in to replace Priestah, and as CoD Caster Pacman stated, 100T is losing aggression and Saug power.

Finals Losers Bracket

100T vs Team Reciprocity

CWL Fort Worth Finals Losers Bracket
Image source: Callofduty
CWL Fort Worth Finals Losers Bracket Series Layout

In the first map on Arsenal playing hardpoint, both teams were showing that they can be team to move on as 100T looked at one point to be unstoppable, but Team Rec would come back and show that they are the stronger team. The hardpoint changed to mid map which was a hard fought battle. Dylan pulled out his Tempest for Team Rec and just wreaked havoc on 100T, which eventually was enough for them to win the first map 250-243.

Map 2 – Search and Destroy on Gridlock

The next map was Gridlock, playing Search and destroy. Both teams were even at the start, exchanging rounds to have a 1-1 series tie. The SnD matches were flying by, as both teams were going in head first and showcasing some incredible gun battles. But one player took charge and that was Zed from Team Reciprocity who was winning gun battles all around, impressing Clint Evans who was calling the shots as the CoD caster. Rec was up 3-1, but this gave fire to Octane who responded back clutching the next round making it 3-2 for Rec. This didn’t deter Team Rec from their dominance this match as they went on to take the map and lead the series 2-0 as Wuskin beat out Slasher in a 1v1 by reading him perfectly.

Map 3 – Control on Arsenal

With 100 Thieves being down 0-2 in the series,  they need to win this map to continue their run at CWL Fort Worth. But right from the beginning, Team Reciprocity set the tone and took the first round holding mid the whole time. 100 Thieves took the 2nd round showing that they still have it to be neck-at-neck with Team Rec. But, 100 Thieves found some hope through Kenny who went into beast mode in the final round, taking the sweep away from Reciprocity.

Map 4 – Seaside Hardpoint

Team Rec was just too strong for 100 Thieves in the end, taking the last map and winning the series 3-1.

100 Thieves – 1 : Team Reciprocity – 3

Next, we would be seeing Luminosity and Splyce duke it out in the Winners finals.

Finals Winners Bracket

Luminosity vs Splyce

Luminosity vs Splyce Winners Bracket Finals CWL Fort Worth

The finals of the Winners Brackets was all Luminosity. They have secured their place in the finals, and Gunless looked ferocious through the entire series. Spylce were heading into this as the favorites considering how well they were doing from the beginning of the tournament as a team, while Luminosity had some challenges from the get-go. However, as the tournament played out, Luminosity became stronger with every game.

Both teams were tied 1-1 in the series, going into Control Gridlock, where Luminosity took control and really separated themselves from Spylce. Leading 2-1 in the series, map 4 was on Seaside playing Hardpoint. Luminosity took a quick lead, going up by 43 points. throughout the match Luminosity was taking charge, and Spylce did have a good comeback at one point, Lum was just too strong for them.  Being lead by Gunless and Slacked, Luminosity stamped their name into the finals. As a team, they have become deadly and are the favorites to take it all.

Day 2 of the CWL Fort Worth Open – March 16

The start of the day started with the Losers bracket taking center stage. In the first round we saw some shocking results and one of the top tier teams going home. Here’s what happened in the Losers Bracket / Winners Bracket in Day 2 of CWL Fort Worth.

CWL Fort Worth Crowd Fans Spectators Esports
Losers Round 1

Excelerate – 2 : Heretics – 3

100 Thieves – 3 : eUnited – 1

UYU 3 – : Midnight – 0

OpTic Gaming – 3 : Evil Geniuses – 0

The shocker was seeing eUnited go home early, finishing dead last at CWL Fort Worth. As the runner-ups at the CWL Vegas Open, it was quite a surprise not only for eUnited fans, but for CoD fans around the world. Clayster he straight to Twitter to say, “Highs are real highs and lows are real low in CoD. Fuck man.” Clayster was obviously crushed, as the rest of the eUnited squad. No one expected them to leave early, and many fans placed eUnited in the top 3 of the event. Clayster then finished with this.

Losers Round 2

Heretics – 3 : Team Envy – 1

Denial Esports – 0 : 100T – 3

Team Rec – 3 : UYU – 2

Optic Gaming – 2 : Gen.G – 3

OpTic vs Gen.G was a match that every CoD fan was looking forward to. The top team from CWL Vegas taking on the current top team in the Pro League. OpTic Gaming and Gen.G were tied after some incredible back and forth gun fights. Match 3 on control was a heart breaker for OpTic as they lost 3 games in a row after being up 2-0 on Seaside. Match 4 was on Hacienda hardpoint, and OpTic fought hard the entire time. The game was fairly even early on, however, OpTic took the lead and held it all the way to the end to tie the series 2-2. OpTic fans were pumped.

The last match was on Arsenal, Search and Destroy. There were plenty of highlight reels in this one, including some 1v1 moments. Gen.G won the first round, but OpTic fought back the next two games in a row to take the lead 2-1. At the mid way point of the match, fans got to see a 1v1 between the MVP from Vegas, Dashy, and Nagafen, who was being Gen.G’s top player of the match with his sniping kills. Who would win the 1v1?

“The Almighty Bruce”

OpTic Dashy won that time, and it seemed that OpTic Gaming were on a good role at this point. We then saw another 1v1 against Karma vs Envoy towards the end of the match.

Karma fell short in that round, and Envoy played everything to a Tee winning the round. Since then, it seemed that Gen.G was getting the best of OpTic in every round, eventually eliminating them from CWL Fort Woth.

Seeing OpTic Dashy’s reaction at the end showed how disappointed he was as this was the first real action he’s seen in four weeks and was going back to Columbus. With both OpTic Gaming and eUnited going home, the Call of Duty esports community will be seeing a new team lift the CWL Fort Worth trophy.

OpTic Gaming Eliminated from CWL Fort Worth Esports
Losers Round 3

Gen.G – 2 : Team Reciprocity – 3

100 Thives – 3 : Heretics – 0

Winners Round 1

Ge.G – 2 : Luminosity – 3

Enigma6 – 3 : Team Reciprocity – 0

Splyce – 3 : Denial Esports – 2

Team Envy – 0 : Red Reserve – 3


Winners Semifinals

Luminosity – 3 : Enigma6 – 0

Splyce – 3 : Red Reserve – 0

CWL Fort Worth Winners Bracket Finals Schedule

In the Winners Semifinals, Luminosity Gaming and Splyce were clear winners, dominating their matches in a 3-0 sweep. They will be facing each other heading into Sunday. When Temp was asked in the Instant Reaction what he thought about facing Luminosity, he said that they (Spylce) have 3-1 Luminosity early in the event and it they continue to play the way they were playing, they should pull out the win.

Damage Dealt Leaderboards Day 2 March 16

CWL Fort Worth Day 2 Damage Dealt Leaderboards Temp Splyce

Stay tuned for updates as CWL Fort Worth continues into Sunday. Here’s what the schedule looks like tomorrow.

CWL Fort Worth Sunday March 17 Schedule

Day 1 of the CWL Fort Worth Open – March 15

The start of CWL Fort Worth saw a packed Convention center with fierce competition coming from all teams. As the day started off, we saw some teams get right into the action while others were trailing behind. All games were dead even with the exception of a few, such the game between 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses. Here’s the scores and results of the CWL Fort Worth Matches on Day 1.

2:00 PM CT CWL Matches

100 Thieves VS Evil Geniuses

100 Thieves took a convincing first map win on Hacienda (Hardpoint). At one point, it looked like 100T was going to run with the match. But Evil Geniuses came back putting up a strong fight. Towards the end of the match, 100T was just one point away from the win on hardpoint, but eventually took it away winning 250-151. The 2nd match was quite even in Search on Payload at the start. But 100T continued their dominant run against EG going up 3-1. At one point, EG almost ran away with the round, but were one second late as Octane defused the bomb.

EG kept things close, coming back from a 5-2 deficit, to now 5-5. 100T eventually took the match winning 6-5 taking a series lead 2-0. That  was the only close match of the series. The teams played on Arsenal next in the game mode Control. 100 Thieves is considered the best control team, which showed as they took the first round in convincing fashion, even perplexing Clint Evans who was calling the shots.

100 Thieves ended up sweeping Evil Geniuses 3-0. They looked like a championship contender at CWL Fort Worth as they played solid,  and had great teamowork.

Midnight Esports vs Splyce

Both teams have finished their league play near the top of their division. In the first match, both teams came out strong. But Spylce was the strongest team taking the first match on hardpoint, going up 1-0. In the 2nd Match, Splyce went up 1-0 from the start. Midnight were pretty even the whole first game, but Splyce took the round. Midnight Esports came back to win the second match.  Both teams exchanged wins to keep things tied at 2-2. It was an even Search and Destroy match down the stretch. Going to 3-3. In the end. Midnight Esports took the game on Hacienda and tied the series 1-1. The 3rd game was on Frequency (Control).

Splyce started off strong and continued dominating the match, sweeping Midnight Esports in the 3rd match and taking a 3-0  series lead. The 4th match was on hacienda. Midnight took a command lead with 75 points to Splyce’s 1 on hardpoint. Spylce faught back where the score was 133 to 116. The game became quite even, but ended at 250 – 223 for Midnight. With the series tied up, both teams went to a Game 5 which was on Arsenal (SnD). Midnight took the lead 1-0, but Splyce clutches with Loony using his pistl to tie things up at 1-1.

Loony Clutch

That seemed to pump Spylce as they won the 3rd round going up 2-1. Midnight ties things up he next round,making it 2-2. Accuracy cluthes it up in round 5 to make Spylce take a 3-2 lead, and then winning the next to make it 4-2. Going into round 9 with a 5-3 lead in Splyce’s favor, we saw some intense fighting. It was 3v3 left. Spyle takes the last round with Aqua taking out the last two midnight players and winning the series 3-2.

Luminosity Gaming vs Excelerate Gaming

Luminosity won the first match against Excelerate which is what the team was looking for coming into CWL Fort Worth. The 2nd match was on Payload playing Search and Destroy. The match came down to an even 5-5 wins a piece. But Excelerate won taking the second match and tying the series 1-1. The 3rd game was all Luminosity on Gridlock, going up 2-1 in the series. The 4th match was on Hacienda hardpoint. Excelerate meant business as they were up 120 to 5 against Luminosity, a commanding lead that we haven’t seen in any of the matches so far. Excelerate won 250-79, beating Luminositty and tying the series 2-2, making it go to a game 5.

In match 5, the teams played on Gridlock Search and Destroy. Excelerate shocked Luminosity early on, taking a commanding 4-1 lead in the match. When everyone was writing Luminosity off, an incredible comeback happened. LG won round after round, climbing back up to tie things up. They continued to eventually win the game with is the most impressive comeback thus far. Luminosity wins 6-4 with a close last round, winning the series 3-2.

Red Reserve vs Enigma6

Red Reserve beat Enigma6 the first match, taking a wuick series lead 1-0. In the second match, Enigma6 was much stronger playing Search and Destroy on Payload. What seemed like a comeback for Red Reserve ending as Enigma6 rallied to win the 2nd match, tying the series up. The 3rd game was Control, with Enigma starting things off strong with a 1-0 lead on Arsenal. However, the game became very close as it ended up being 2-2.

But Enigma6 didn’t give up, and took the match for a 3-2 win, taking the series lead 2-1. The 4th match was on Girdlock, Hardpoint. RR came out swinging, holding the fort down and being up 55 to 25. Red reserve ended up beating Enigma6 250-166 on Gridlock pushing the series to a game 5. In match 5, on Hacienda Search and Destroy, Red took a lead 4-1 lead. Enigma6 eventually got a few rounds back making it 4-3.  Enigma6 won the next few games going up 5-4, and then sealing the deal with a 6-4 win. It was an impressive comeback.

After the first set of matches from the 2:00 PM time slot, the CWL Panel commented on the games and PacMan saw an interesting stat that he’s never seen in 10 years, which goes to show viewers how tight CWL Fort Worth will be.

3:30 PM CT CWL Matches

Gen.G – 3 : Heretics – 2

OpTic Gaming – 2 : Team Reciprocity – 3

eUnited – 0 : Team Envy – 3

UYU – 2 : Denial Esports – 3

5:00 PM CT CWL Matches

100 Thieves – 1 : Red Reserve – 3

Midnight Esports – 0 : Luminosity Gaming – 3

Splyce – 3 : Excelerate Gaming – 1

Enigma6 – 3 : Evil Geniuses – 2

6:30 PM CT CWL Matches

Optic Gaming – 1 : Team Envy – 3

eUnited – 3 :  Team Reciprocity – 2

Heretics – 0 : UYU – 3

Gen.G – 3 : Denial Esports – 0

8:00 PM CT CWL Matches

Splyce – 3 : Luminosity Gaming – 1

100 Thieves – 3 : Enigma6 – 2

Red Reserve – 3 : Evil Geniuses – 0

Midnight Esports – 0 : Excelerate Gaming – 3

9:30 PM CT CWL Matches

eUnited – 0 : OpTic Gaming – 3

Team Envy – 3 : Team Reciprocity – 2

Heretics – 1 : Denial Esports – 3

Gen.G – 3 : UYU – 1

As the last day of the match ended, we had a solid picture of who’s in the winner and loser brackets.

CWL Fort Worth Day 1 Standings – Winners Brackets / Losers Brackets

After a great day at the CWL Fort Worth event, we’ve seen some amazing highlight reels, blunders and surprising outcomes. Here’s how the standings look like after day 1.

CWL Fort Worth Day 1 Results Pool Standings
Image source:

After all was said and done, the winners bracket consisted of teams that weren’t  even considered in the top 8 of the CWL Fort Worth Predictions. Although it’s surprising for most, it’s also a different sight that most fans arent use to seeing as the winners bracket consists of some fresh faces.

CWL Fort Worth Day 1 Results Winners Bracket
Image source:

In the losers brackets, we have two of the four teams that finished first and second at the last major Call of Duty esports event in Vegas; OpTic Gaming and eUnited.

CWL Fort Worth Day 1 Results Losers Bracket
Image source:
What to expect heading into Day 2 of Fort Worth

With the losers bracket set, we possibly have an OpTic Gaming vs Midnight scenario if both teams can beat their respected opponents. OpTic Gaming opened up the 2019 Pro League with a loss to Midnight. It’s no secret that OG would like to meet Midnight again to get some sweet revenge, however, it’s not the same Midnight Esports team that beat them on opening night of the Pro League. Nevertheless, OpTic Scump tweeted afterwards saying “I’m heated“, and a rematch between the two teams will dedinitely be an exciting one. 100 Thieves started off CWL Forth Worth sweeping EG 3-0. Many viewers we’re already saying they are contenders for the trophy. However, it was too fast too soon and 100T are in the losers brackets up against the 2nd place team of CWL Vegas. This will be a great match to watch.

In the winners brackets, we have the surprising Denial Esports, who before game 6 of the Pro League were written off as disappointments to the league with their 0-5 record. Nonetheless, we see Denial Esports in the winners bracket. Will they continue proving their critics wrong? It starts with beating Splyce. Team Envy and Red Reserve will probably be one of the matches to mark down on your calendar as both teams have performed exceptional in day 1 of CWL Fort Worth, and it will be interesting how the two play against each other.

CWL Fort Worth 2019: Teams Schedule, Pools, Location, Results.

CWL Fort Worth 2019Pool Division Breakdown Analysis
Image source:

CWL Fort Worth matches will be live starting Friday, March 15 through various streams. The event will be available on MLG’s website, and other CWL Fort Worth Twitch streams, and through the in-game World League Hub in Black Ops 4.

CWL Fort Worth Pool Draft

The 2019 CWL Fort Worth Pools have been selected, being split into four groups with each one holding four teams. Pool A will have Gen.G, Team Heretics,Denial Esports and UYU. In Pool B, we we have Evil Geniuses, Enigma6, Red Reserve and 100 Thieves. Pool C has Midnight Esports, Splyce, Luminosity and Excelerate Gaming. And the final Pool D will have eUnited, OpTic Gaming, Team Envy and Team Reciprocity. Here’s a look at the CWL Pools.

CWL Fort Worth Pools 2019 Black Ops 4 Texas
Image source:

The Gameplan

CWL Fort Worth 2019 will feature a format unlike other LAN events over the past few years for Call of Duty.  For this event, teams will be separated into two distinct tournaments. 16 teams from the 2019 Pro League will face each other in a professional tournament for a $325,000 USD prize pool. The remaining teams will be competing in a separate open bracket event for a chance to walk out with $75,000.

The top 16 teams for the main event will be split into four groups.  Out of those groups, the top two teams from each pool will continue to the winners bracket for a double-elimination championship bracket. The best open bracket teams will not join the group stage at CWL Fort Worth 2019, unlike prior events. It’s a change that many teams weren’t happy about, as the teams from the CWL Vegas Open who qualified to be in the open bracket had impressive showings and in Call of Duty esports, anything is possible.

Call of Duty World League Trophy
Image source:

CWL Fort Worth 2019 Players

After Rostermania, many players move around. While others like ZooMaa go back to their respected teams after being a loan to help fill missing teammates.

Pool A

  • Gen.G:
    •  Chance “Maux” Moncivaez
    •  Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak
    •  Jared “Nagafen” Harrell
    •  Colt “Havok” McLendon
    •  (Gen.G’s fifth player hasn’t been announced yet.)
  • Heretics:
    • Alejandro “Lucky” López
    • Juan “JurNii” Antonio González
    • Jorge “MethodZ” Bancells
    • Endika “Sukry” Andres
    • Adrian “MeTTalZz” Serrano
  • UYU:
    • Mehran “Mayhem” Anjomshoa
    • Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado
    • Anthony “Methodz” Zinni
    • Adian “GorgoKnight” Provenzano
    • Saul “Parzelion” Masse-Siguenza
  • Denial Esports:
    • Wailers “Wailers” Locart
    • Ryan “ZeeK” Lapierre
    • Lucas “rizK” Derambure
    • Paul “Breszy” Breszynski
    • Nathan “Natshay” Dupuis

Pool B

  • 100 Thieves:
    • Kenny “Kenny” Williams
    • Preston “Priestahh” Greiner
    • Sam “Octane” Larew
    • Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat
    • Ian “Enable” Wyatt
  • Red Reserve:
    •  Joseph “Joee” Pinnington
    • Rhys “Rated” Price
    • Trei “Zer0” Morris
    • Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall
    • Ben “Bance” Bance
  • Enigma6:
    • Jordon “General” General
    • Steven “Diabolic” Rivero
    • Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley
    • Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom
    • Martin “Chino” Chino
  • Evil Geniuses:
    • John “Xotic” Bruno
    • Tyler “FeLo” Johnson
    • Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim
    • Matthew “Royalty” Faithfull
    • Dillon “Attach” Price

Pool C

  • Midnight Esports:
    •  Devin “LlamaGod” Tran
    • Renato “Saints” Forza
    • Christopher “Parasite” Duarte
    • Andres “Lacefield” Lacefield
    • Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic
  • Splyce:
    • Jordan “Jurd” Crowley
    • Donovan “Temp” Laroda
    • Ulysses “Aqua” Silva
    • Daniel “Loony” Loza
    • Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi
  • Luminosity:
    • Josiah “Slacked” Berry
    • Johnathan “John” Perez
    • Matthew “FormaL” Piper
    • Peirce “Gunless” Hillman
    • Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo
  • Excelerate Gaming:
    •  Excelerate’s new roster hasn’t been announced yet.

Pool D

  • eUnited: 
    • James “Clayster” Eubanks
    • Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson
    • Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson
    • Jordan “JKap” Kaplan
    • Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris
  • OpTic Gaming: 
    • Seth “Scump” Abner
    • Ian “Crimsix” Porter
    • Damon “Karma” Barlow
    • Tommy “TJHaLy” Haly
    • Brandon “Dashy” Otell
  • Team Envy:
    • Patrick “ACHES” Price
    • Adam “Assault” Garcia
    • Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer
    • Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov
    • Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  • Team Reciprocity:
    • Thomas “Tommey” Trewren
    • Bradley “Wuskin” Marshall
    • Sean “Seany” O’Connor
    • Zach “Zed” Denyer
    • Dylan “Dylan” Henderson

Squad Up, Let’s do this.

With all the changes in the CWL Pro League team rosters, some moves were necessary while others were head scratchers. Here’s a video to break down the moves in great detail.

CWL Fort Worth March 15 Schedule – Match up times

Below are the dates and times for the Call of Duty World Fort Worth tournament on Friday. The schedule is for March 15th.

CWL Fort Worth March 15 Friday Schedule Match Up Time
Image source:

The day starts off with 100 Thieves playing Evil Geniuses at 2:00pm CT time. Following that match at 3:30pm CT will be the dominate Gen.G against Team Heretics. This will be a match that many fans will be looking forward to as they were they strongest two teams in their Pro League Division. Next will have 100 Thieves back at it again versus Red Reserve. OpTicing Gaming, the CWL Vegas Champions will be playing Team Envy, which they have beaten in the CWL Pro League 2019 Season.  Splyce will start things off with Luminosity Gaming, and then finishing off with the anticipated eUnited versus OpTic Gaming.

Fort Worth Bravo

On the Bravo Stream will have other teams competing at the same time as above. The CWL Bravo stream will have the following Fort Worth matches.

CWL Fort Worth March 15 Friday Schedule Match Up Time Bravo Stream
Image source:

On the Bravo Twitch channel, Midnight Esports will be playing against Splyce at 2:00 PM CT, which will be a match to looking forward to as both teams are heavy favorites in the tournament. OpTic Gaming will follow up with Team Reciprocity at 3:30pm CT. At 5:00 PM CT will have Midnight against Luminosity. 6:30 PM CT will have eUnited versus Team Reciprocity. 100 Thieves will be playing Enigma6 at 8:00 PM CT and then finishing off the day with Team Envy vs Team Reciprocity at 9:30 PM CT.

CWL Fort Worth Charlie Stream

Here are the teams that will be playing on the Twitch CWL Charlie stream as the other matches in the day.

CWL Fort Worth March 15 Friday Schedule Match Up Time Charlie Stream

On the CWL Fort Worth 2019 Charlie Team we’ll see Red Reserve against Enigma6 at 2:00 PM CT time. Following matches will be eUnited vs Team Envy at 3:30, Splyce vs Excelerate Gaming at 5:00. Then we’ll see Heretics vs UYU at 6:30 PM CT and Red Reserve vs Evil Geniuses at 8:00pm CT. The last match will have Team Heretics vs Denial Esports at 9:30 PM, in which Team Heretics have already beat Denial in the Pro League 2019 season.

Fort Worth Delta Stream

The fourth stream to watch the other matches will be the Delta stream. Here’s how it looks like for March 15th.

CWL Fort Worth March 15 Friday Schedule Match Up Time Delta Stream
Image source:

At 2:00 PM CT we’ll see Luminosity start things off against Excelerate Gaming. UYU and Denial Esports follow at 3:30 PM CT. At 5:00 we have Enigma6 against Evil Geniuses and Gen.G versus Denial at 6:30 PM CT. Midnight Esports plays Excelerate at 8pm and the end of the day we’ll see Gen.G taking on UYU at 9:30pm to close the day of at the CWL Fort Worth on March 15.

There’s a lot of great match-ups to watch. Fans were disappointed that they weren’t going to see a match of Midnight Esports vs OpTic Gaming has OpTic had their hearts broken on the very first day. OpTic Scump wasn’t happy as well, and said he’s “heated”. It would be a great match-up to watch against, especially with OpTic Dashy back in the line-up.

Did you find this information about the CWL Forth Worth 2019 Event useful? Read Game Life on the GO: Follow us on Twitter @GameLifeHQ

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