CWL Finals Champions – eUnited Grand Final Winners

CWL Finals Champions - eUnited Grand Final Winners

eUnited are the CWL Finals Champions. They were undefeated throughout the tournament and finally won the last COD major in the third appearance of a finals this season. Here is everything you need to know about the CWL Finals match. 

CWL Finals Champions – eUnited Grand Final Winners

CWL Finals lived up to everyone’s expectations. There were a lot of shocking results, and CoD esports fans saw the departure of two titans early on in the tournament. In the end, fans would get to see the second appearance of Gen.G in the finals, taking on eUnited, who have made it to the finals of a major three times this season.

eUnited had one of the best tournaments this year, dominating every game. Gen.G, on the other hand, had a more difficult path playing in the Losers Bracket and having to beat a very hot FaZe Clan. This is Gen.G’s second straight finals appearance, losing to 100 Thieves at CWL Anaheim.


eUnited already beat Gen.G once in the tournament, 3-1 in the Playoffs Bracket Finals. Now both teams would meet for the first time at the CWL Finals. Here’s the breakdown of the finals.

  • eUnited: 
    • James “Clayster” Eubanks
    • Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson
    • Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson
    • Chris “Simp” Lehr
    • Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris
  • Gen.G:
    •  Chance “Maux” Moncivaez
    •  Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak
    •  Jared “Nagafen” Harrell
    •  Colt “Havok” McLendon
    •  Dylan “Envoy” Hannon

eUnited VS Gen.G Gaming Series Layout CWL Miami Final Esports
First Match: Arsenal – Hardpoint

Considered two of the best Arsenal Hardpoint teams in the league, eUnited and Gen.G put on an exciting show for fans. Gen.G came out strong, taking a huge lead. eUnited were on the backburner, looking for answers throughout most of the map. However, eUnited were crawling back, coming within 20 points of Gen.G, but in the end Gen.G held mid strong and won the match going up 1-0 in the finals. Or so we thought:

The technical crew mentioned that match 1 would have to be replayed. No one was sure why and Maven, one of the casters for the event was trying to find out. After a few minutes he received word is had to do with one of eUnited’s booths, as there was a technical issue and one of eUnited’s players weren’t able to move.

Replay – Match 1:

Despite Gen.G not getting the first win, they kept their composure and started the 2nd hardpoint match strong. It seemed like a replay of the 1st game as they were keeping ahead of eUnited with nothing left behind. Gen.G takes the first match and lead the series 1-0.

  • Gen.G wins 250-123
Second Match: Payload – Search and Destroy:

eUnited had a plan; come out strong and hold the momentum. It worked in the first round of SnD on Payload. But That didn’t deter Gen.G’s focus, coming back and winning 3 rounds in a row. eUnited stopped the momentum that Gen.G had. But that didn’t last long as Gen.G came right back and won another 3 in a row to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

  • Gen.G win 6-3
Third Match: Arsenal – Control:

In the last CWL major at Anaheim, Gen.G beat 100 Thieves on Arsenal control 3-1. Would they be able to do the same to eUnited?

In the first round, eUnited came out strong, taking out four Gen.G players and taking control in the middle, winning round 1. Round 2 went to eUnited’s favor as they were on a mission to climb back to the top. However, Gen.G had something special going on in the first two matches, and something special unfolded here. Gen.G came back to win a round, and in the fourth round they had a flawless showing, not dying once and taking out all of eUnited’s players. It was an impressive showing.

In round 5, Gen.G was all over eUnited, taking the final round and winning the match.

  • Gen.G wins 3-2

Second Best of 5 Series

First Match: Seaside – Hardpoint:

eUnited had their backs against the wall, losing the first series 3-0. They had to change something and they did just that, dominating almost every hardpoint. There were some moments when Gen.G had some amazing plays, but it wasn’t enough as eUnited was too far ahead, winning the first match of the second best of 5 series.

  • eUnited wins 250-119
Second Match: Hacienda – Search and Destroy

This SnD match was a lot closer than the 1st SnD match in the first series. eUnited had jumped in a comfortable lead, but Gen>g fought back and tied things up. There was a game-changing moment when it was 2v1 for eUnited and Envoy was last on Gen.G. He had a chance to take out Arcitys who was defusing the bomb, but Prestinni was able to take out Envoy before that, helping eUnited win the series.

  • eUnited win 6-5
Third Match: Frequency  – Control

eUnited was looking to close out the series and sweep Gen.G in the second series. Gen.G looked to have lost all momentum as eUnited continued their dominant performance and won the 3 matches they needed to close out the series 3-0 and win their first title this year.

eUnited CWL Finals Champions

After a disappointing finish in CWL Vegas and CWL London, eUnited finally win their first CWL title in 2019. It was three times a lucky charm, and aBezy and Simp win their first Call of Duty esports title, while Clayster breaks his 1400 days without winning a title.

Prestinni and Arcitys win another CWL title, and it was very much deserved. Congrats to eUnited for the great performance, and runner up Gen.G with an exciting finals show.

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