CWL Championship Winners – eUnited Champions

CWL Championship Winners - eUnited Champions
  • eUnited are the CWL Championship Winners. They were able to hold their composure throughout the finals and dominate the best in the world. Here is everything you need to know about the CWL Championship finals match. 

CWL Championship Winners – eUnited Champions

The CWL Championship is the biggest tournament in Call of Duty. There were 32 teams that competed to reach bracket play. Only 16 teams were able to reach the next stage which was broken down over two days. In the end, two teams would compete for the Championship title.  There were shocking results in the last two days leading up to this point, and Call of duty esports fans saw an intense Losers Bracket finals between rivals 100 Thieves and OpTic Gaming. 100T bested OG 3-0 to move on and play eUnited in the finals.

eUnited had one of the most dominant performance to date. Their performance at the CWL Finals was incredible, however, they did not blink for one second, and have dismantled every team to reach the finals in style. 100 Thieves had a shocking loss to Luminosity Gaming early on in the tournament which placed them in the Losers Bracket. There, 100T had to fight their way through the competition to reach the finals against eUnited. 100 Thieves won back to back major titles, being the only team this season to do so at London and Anaheim. eUnited won the last major at the CWL Finals and continued their momentum in these championships. Now both teams would meet for the first time at the CWL Championship finals, but it’s eUnited with the upper hand. The way it works at the finals is that the winners of the losers bracket must win two series to claim the title, while the winners of the winner bracket only need to win one series. At the CWL Finals, eUnited played Gen.G, in which, Gen.G won the first set of series. However, eUnited bounced back and beat Gen.G to claim victory. Can 100T do what Gen.G couldn’t and win two series in a row? Here’s the breakdown of the Call of Duty World League Championship final.

Who won the CWL Championship Call of Duty Esports
Source: CODWorldLeague

CWL Championship Finals – Players

  • eUnited: 
    • James “Clayster” Eubanks
    • Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson
    • Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson
    • Chris “Simp” Lehr
    • Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris
  • 100 Thieves
    • Kenny “Kenny” Williams
    • Preston “Priestahh” Greiner
    • Sam “Octane” Larew
    • Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat
    • Ian “Enable” Wyatt

Gaming Series Layout CWL Championship Final Esports 2019
Source: CODWorldLeague

First Match: Seaside – Hardpoint

eUnited started off strong, taking a major lead against 100T, going ahead as much as 70 points. 100 Thieves were looking a little unorganized as the game started, however, they started to find their form and were creeping back to the top gaining ground to eUnited. The combination of Arcitys and Prestinni were proving to be deadly after they dismantled OpTic Gaming in the Winners Finals bracket.

100 Thieves were able to fight back, being behind by 20 points until eUnited continued to lead the way and took fountain away from 100T. At this point, it was 123 pts to 155 pts for eUnited. 100 Thieves were trying their best to gain some momentum, but every time they were on role, eUnited shut them down and continued to hold their points, winning the first match.

  • eUnited wins 250-126

Second Match: Hacienda – Search and Destroy

100 Thieves were starting off on the wrong foot as eUnited took the first round easily covering their ground perfectly. Simp continued to grow through the tournament, and SnD proved to be his best game which he showed in the first round. The second round, 100 Thieves had the first blood, and were up 5-3 in bodies. But eUnited came right back evening things up and then winning the last 3 gunfights, going up 2-0 in rounds. In round 3, Kenny got the first blood, and 100T finally broke eUnited’s momentum, planting the bomb and winning the round.  Round 4 was all eUnited, until Priestahh had a 1v3 clutch to steal the round. The match is tied up 2-2. 100 T won round 5, beating eUnited 3 rounds in a row. Would this be the turning point of the match?

Round 6 had eUnited planting the bomb from the start, putting pressure on 100 Thieves. But with the right cards played, 100 Thieves picked off each of the players on eUnited taking round 6. They go up 4-2. In round 7, eUnited were starting to take risks, sending a few players for the flank, but 100 Thieves were able to read the play and win the gunfights to take round 7 to go up 5-2. Round 8 started off with Simp getting the 1st blood with his incredible sniping skills, and eUnited followed through with a quick round 8 win; 5-3. eUnited were on the defense in round 9 with 100 Thieves needing to plant. Kenny got the 1st blood and continued their dominance in the second match, winning 6-3 and tying up the series.

  • 100 Thieves win 6-3

Third Match: Frequency – Control

With 100 thieves coming back from going down 0-2 in the second match and taking it 6-3, they were looking to continue in the right direction heading into Frequency Control. 100 Thieves is known to be one of the best, if not the best Control team in the game.

As the match started, things were looking even, but 100T was doing a better job of sticking together and were picking off eUnited with no problems. 100 Thieves took round 1 and repeated the same tactics in round 2 going up 2-0 in the match. They were showing the world why they are considered the best in this game mode. eUnited took round 3 in a shocking steal, while 100 Thieves invested all their scorestreaks, a tempest, vision pulse, warmachine as they thought they were going to win. This seemed to have turned the tide in eUnited’s favor as they won round 4 in impressive fashion. The brother duo of Prestinni and Arcitys were punishing 100 Thieves, and it looked like eUnited were going to push the limits. But 100 Thieves prevailed winning 3-1 on Frequency Control.

At this point, things were not looking good for eUnited, however, 100 Thieves were only up 2-1 and would need to win one more match, as well as another series.


  • 100 Thieves wins 3-1

Fourth Match: Arsenal – Hardpoint

eUnited were looking to put the last two matches in the bag and focus on winning this hardpoint. 100T took an early lead and they were heading in the right direction to take the 1st series. eUnited at this point were looking disorganized and trying to find their form again. What looked like an impenetrable team in the first match now were looking like a team who lost all confidence. However, eUnited kept their composure and were looking to switch the lead that 100T had since the start. The teams stalled at 87 points each and 100 T continued with the lead.

Rotations switched to mid, and both teams were using their streaks and specials to try and shift the play. 100T increased their lead by 50, but it didn’t last too long. Arcitys started getting on a hot streak, and picked up a few scorestreaks to bring his team close to 100T. eUnited finally took the lead at 178, and a first in the game. With the lead change, eUnited were gaining momentum and having an incredible comeback. The lead change went back to 100T at 214 and both teams were fighting for their lives. eUnited took the lead again at 220. Clayster had two huge kills to keep 100T at bay, and Simp kept control at mid for an eUnited win. They tied the series 2-2 and were not looking to close out the series and wion back to back titles for the first time this season.

  • eUnited Wins 250-219

Fifth Match: Arsenal – Search and Destroy

100 Thieves was on the defense and eUnited had to plant. eUnited planted the bomb quickly which threw 100T off and started to slowly pick apart each player for the first-round win. eUnited are only 5 rounds away from a Championship title. Round 2, Simp headed to B side to scope out the scene. The rest of eUnited went to A side and traded kills with 100 Thieves, taking the upper hand and winning round 2. They had a 2-0 lead early as they did in match 2 on Hacienda. Round 3 was an important round for 100 T and the round ended quickly in their favor, slowly down E’s momentum. In Round 4, both teams met at B side and were testing the waters. In ended up going down to a 1v1 against Simp and Priestahh. Priestahh planted the bomb at B side but was caught by Simp on the back route leading up to B. Eunited win’s round 4 going up 3-1. Round 5 switched to 100 Thieves favor, keeping things close at 3-2 in the SnD match.

In round 6, both teams headed to bomb site A, trading kills with 100T placed going ahead and tying the game up 3-3. Round 7 changed strides for eUnited as 100T tried to be too aggressive and lost the round, going down 3-4. In round 8, AbeZy got the first blood, and eUnited pushed B side towards spawn to throw 100T off. eUnited takes the round and goes up 5-3 with one win away from the title of CWL Champs. Round 9 had both teams exchange kills, leading it a 4v4. eUnited looked to be in control but were caught chasing, which lead them to lose round 9. Round 10 had the same start, with both teams trading kills. eUnited was ruthless and

eUnited CWL Championship Winners

The CWL Champs are eUnited. Having their heartbroken at CWL Vegas, and a bad performance at CWL London, eUnited came back to win the CWL Finals and win their first CWL Championship title. It was an incredible performance by not just one player, but the whole entire time. Some majors one player shines, however, every eUnited player stepped up to the plate, and did what they had to do in order to win the championships.

Prestinni and Arcitys were instrumental against OpTic Gaming in the Winners Finals to bring eUnited to the finals. ABeZy and Simp were nearly impeccable against 100 Thieves, and Clayster got the two important double kills in the last SnD round.  eUnited had some hard troubles through the regular season, however, the entire team stuck together, added a new player by the name of Simp, and completely transformed their team. Congrats to eUnited for the great performance, and runner up 100 Thieves with an exciting finals show.

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