Crimsix, Winningest Player In Call Of Duty Esports Finds New Team

Crimsix, Winningest Player In Call Of Duty Esports Finds New Team

The winningest player in CoD esports history has been through a shakeup in the last few months, from leaving OpTic Gaming and looking for a new team. Crimsix has now found a new home.

Crimsix, Winningest Player In Call Of Duty Esports

For those who have not watched Call of Duty Esports before won’t recognize who Crimsix is. But for those who have heard of him will know he’s one of the most popular pro player in Call of Duty history. He’s played on a variety of teams such as compLexity and Evil Geniuses, however, he’s made his mark while playing with OpTic Gaming. He’s been with OpTic since 2014 which is a long time for a Call of Duty pro.

Crimsix won many titles with OpTic Gaming including his 2017 World Championship title and most recently CWL Vegas. Three months into the CWL Pro League this season, Crimsix released a video which was rather concerning for fans. It wasn’t a typical video that Crimsix would release on his YouTube page. This time, he had a serious message for players and essentially said that players should create their own team. At the time there were no rumors that OpTic Gaming was going to be bought out, or that the CWL World League would switch to a franchised league. Now, for a player to build their own team would require a lot of resources and financial backing, but no one’s sure what Crimsix was truly thinking at the time.

Crimsix Finds New Team

After a last few shakey months in CoD esports, there was a lot of uncertainty as to where Crimsix would go. For one, OpTic Gaming was bought out by Infinite Esports, and the new Call of Duty League was announced which meant that CoD Esports would be a franchised league just like the Overwatch League. The teams would be city-based, which meant a complete overhaul on the current teams and players. But on the forefront was Crimsix, who first announced that he was opened to being reached out by other teams.

It has been a few months since then, and we’ve finally received an official announcement from Crimsix via his Twitter page that he joined a new team.

Crimsix has joined Call Of Duty Dallas. The announcement came as no surprise to core CoD competitive fans as they were speculating that he was going to play in Dallas. The video in his tweet has a serious tone, and that Crimsix isn’t looking to be the winningest player in CoD esports history, but that he’s looking to be the greatest of all time.

“But I will never forgive. And I will never forget.” – @Crimsix

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