Crimsix Makes Mistake. Comes Back to Haunt OpTic Gaming.

Crimsix Makes Mistake. Comes Back to Haunt OpTic Gaming.

OpTic Gaming didn’t have their best performance at CWL Fort Worth. And once specific moment during the tournament showed that everything was going the wrong way for OpTic Gaming.

Crimsix Makes Mistake. Comes Back to Haunt OpTic Gaming.

Fans of OpTic were looking forward to the first match of the tournament. During the Pro League season, OpTic faced Team Reciprocity in their second game of the season and beat them 3-1. Considering that OpTic didn’t have Dashy on their team, things should have gone smoothly for them as they beat Team Rec without Dashy. However, it couldn’t have been further from the truth. Team Reciprocity was neck and neck with OpTic Gaming for the entire series.

After seeing a close game on the first match, the next map was on Frequency playing Search and Destroy. Both teams were trading rounds, with Team Reciprocity having the advantage 4-3. But there was a defining moment that seemed plague OG throughout the rest of the tournament, and it was this one mistake by Crimsix in round 6 of match 2.

Slip Off

This was the worst thing could have possibly happened to OpTic when they needed to get the win to tie things up. Dashy headed to bomb site B, with Crimsix a little further behind him scoping out the scene. While Dashy went to plant the bomb, Crimsix fell off the map. Presumably, he fell off the platform trying to jump down, which is a common area for players to die. However, given the situation, Crimsix might have miscalculated his run/jump, leaving Dashy planting the bomb by himself.

Considering where Team Reciprocity’s player Wuskin was at, would it have made a difference? Looking at the clip above, we see that Dashy exposed himself and was easily picked off by Wuskin. If Crimsix was alive, it would have turned into a 1v2 with Crimsix needing to plant the bomb. Seeing that Wuskin knew the bomb was at site B, the odds of Crimsix clutching a 1v2 were low. At that point, he would have to go on the offense, rather than plant the bomb.

“Is that Clay or is that Crim? I can’t tell” – Benson

After Crimsix fell off, Benson cracked the joke above as Clayster has also fell off on the same map during the Pro League.

OpTic Lose Map to Team Reciprocity. Benson Calls out mistake.

After OpTic Gaming lost to Team Reciprocity on Frequency, Benson had to say it. “And it has to be said, hate to do it. But that’s a gift. It’s a gift.” If Crimsix didn’t fall off the map, perhaps things would have been different and Dashy wouldn’t have gone for the plant, or, Wuskin might have flipped sites. No one knows.

Crimsix Slides Off Map Frequency CWL Fort worth OpTic Gaming
Change of Roles after Fort Worth

OpTic Gaming didn’t have their best performance at the 2nd Call of Duty major. Fans know this, the CoD broadcast team knows this and OpTic Gaming themselves know this. It’s hard to pinpoint what was going wrong for OpTic at CWL Fort Worth. Was it the pressure to have a dominant performance as they did at Vegas? Some CoD analysts stated that perhaps it has to do with many teams “finally catching up” to OpTic.

Regardless of what the reason was for OpTic’s outcome at the event, the team felt some changes needed to be done. Karma has now moved away from using Ruin, to changing things up with battery. TJHaly will be using Ruin which the team felt was a better fit for him.

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