Crimsix Gives Advice to CWL Anaheim Crowd: “Don’t Shoot Bodies”

Crimsix Gives Advice to CWL Anaheim Crowd Don't Shoot Bodies
Source: Twitch

After OpTic Gaming beat Evil Geniuses, Jess Brohard did a quick interview with Crimsix and asked what his thoughts are after the match. Here’s what he had to say.

Jess Brohard Interviews Crimsix

After OpTic Gaming beat Evil Geniuses 3-1, CWL Host Jess Brohard pulled Crimsix in to ask a few questions after the match. She touched on OpTic’s “Search and Destroy” game in which Crimsix replied saying that the team needs to improve on it and “suck less“. Finally, Jess asked what are Crimsix’s thoughts on Team Heretics and Units who happen to be in the same group as them. Crimsix replied saying that OG already beat Units in their first match at Anaheim. OG has a rough start as they were down 0-2 against Units. For those who never heard of Units before, it’s because they changed their name temporarily from Denial Esports to Units.

OpTic Gaming got a reverse sweep on Units, winning the series 3-2.

Crimsix Gives Advice to CWL Anaheim Crowd

Crimsix continued answering Jess’ question by saying: “Well we just beat Units. They went up 2-0, and they sort of caught us off guard. And we came back and won after Alexx started shooting bodies. So.. don’t shoot bodies.

“Don’t Shoot Bodies”

Here’s the full clip:

What Crimsix was essentially saying is that Alexx shouldn’t have shown that unsportsmanlike gesture which fueled OpTic Gaming to come back for a reverse sweep. Basically, what Alexx did was “shoot dead bodies” after killing some of the members of OG. It’s a disrespectful gesture because he’s essentially rubbing it in the face of the person he just killed by using additional bullets which is unnecessary, even when the person is already eliminated. At that point, Alexx of Units thought that they had the game in the bag, and they were going to pull a major upset considering that OG is one of the best teams in the CWL Pro League.

But, OpTic Gaming took that act of disrespect and used it to fuel their comeback. That’s why Crimsix looked out into the crowd and not only spoke to the CWL Anaheim attendees but perhaps sending a strong message to other teams who might do the same thing during the tournament and “shoot dead bodies“. Don’t shoot dead bodies! It will come back and haunt you as it did to Units.

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