CodeRedLive: Scump Shows No Love to TJHaly

CodeRedLive Scump Shows No Love to TJHaly OpTic Gaming Esports Call of Duty
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Scump was playing Blackout during the CodeRedLive tournament which started yesterday, and his teammate was TJHaly, a new comer to team OpTic Gaming. TJHaly ends up being the last man standing when he dies from an opponent on his right; Scump lays it to him.

CodeRedLive Call of Duty Tournament

CodeRedLive started yesterday which is a Blackout tournament featuring some of the top Call of Duty players and personalities. There’s a prize pool of $10,000 US total, being split between 1st ($6k), 2nd ($2.5k) and 3rd ($1.5k). It’s a duo’s competition which has a double elimination bracket featuring two maps per match, with a map “win” consisting of earning more duo kills than your opposing duo. The rules is double elimination, and there’s two maps per game.

There’s also a win map, which in order to win you must get double the duo kills than your opponents. If the game is tied after the two maps played, a 3rd deciding map will have the duo’s play to a five total kill. First team to get 5 kills advances. If this doesn’t settle the score, the team with the most kills moves on.

Scump Shows No Love to TJHaly

In one of the CodeRedLive Blackout games, Scump and TeePee died while TJHaly and Merk_JJD were still alive trying to keep things going for the team. Because Scump and TJHaly are teammates on OpTic Gaming, Scump, logically, had his screen looking through TJHaly while he was playing.

Merk and TJ Left

Merk_JJD suddently died while TJHaly was equipped with a suppressor trying to kill an enemy far distance. You then heard Scump, “I’d take that silencer off if I were you” to TJHaly since he was having some trouble shooting down the enemy.

Anyone who’s ever played a Call of Duty game knows that equipping you weapon with a silencer is great to stay undercover as it doesn’t give away your signal on the map, however, it decreases your damage by a lot. It was quite clear that TJHaly wasn’t able to finish off the enemy shooting long distance because of the lack of damage (enemy also had on armor).

Lucky Break

TJHaly then gets a lucky break as his shoots an enemy long distance, and even though he was able to finish him off, the enemy fell off a cliff and died. TJ then says “Oh he did”, while Scump replies “Yea, let’s go”. This is where it all went down hill from here. TJHaly being a young pro player had Scump, who’s a veteran in the game and won many championships watch through his screen. To a new comer this can make you incredibly nervous and forget some natual COD instincts, such as checking your blinds spots / looking around. TJHaly sees an enemy down below him and starts shooting when all of a sudden he gets shot from the side and dies. Scump then gives a sigh and says:

“Bro you just choookkedd”

TJHaly Chokes CodeRedLive OpTic Gaming Scump Calls Him Out Esports
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Scump then says “You gotta time your shots you were trippin”.  Of course Scump is just showing some love as he is a mentor to TJHaly. Sure TJHaly could have been a little more vigilant. He could have checked his blind spots. However, he is still a great player and responsible for many clutch plays in the CWL Vegas Open for Optic Gaming.

Scump knows this as he couldn’t believe a clutch play that TJHaly pulled during their match against Syplce where even Scump himself didn’t know how they pulled off the win. Simply put, TJHaly’s flank with Battery was the game changer.

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