Clayster Goes Through Friend Requests. Wants PS4 To Add This.

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Clayster finished a game of Call of Duty Blackout and wanted to do wagers, so he typed in a player he just played against to add him. While he was doing that, he was quickly reminded about this one issue that PlayStation 4 has yet to tackle. This is what he wants PS4 to add.

Clayster Goes Through Friend Request. Wants PS4 To Add This.

Clayster is one of the most popular Call of Duty Esports players in the world. Having accomplished so much during his career, many gamers have taken noticed and try to contact Clayster in one way shape or form. One of those ways is to get Clayster’s PSN ID and try to add him as a friend. There’s only one problem with that. Thousands of other gamers are trying to do the same thing.

Getting PSN ID

So how do gamers find out what is Clayster’s PSN ID? There’s a simple Google search that would probably yield the result, or, if they are big fans of Clayster then most likely they follow his Twitch stream. When Clayster plays Call of Duty, his PSN ID is clearly visible for everyone to see.  What does this cause? A mass Friend Requests list on Clayster’s account.

Clayster Twitch Channel

During one of Clayster’s twitch streams, he just finished playing a game of Call of Duty Blackout doing wagers. After one of his games, he added a player to invite him for a wager. While he was doing that, Clayster received an error messages from PS4,

“Cannot send Friend request.
You have too many Friends or pending Friend requests.

What this does is delay the whole game process as Clayster has to manually remove Friend Requests each and every time he wants to play wagers against other gamers.


What was suppose to be a quick thing turns into a chore now, as every time Clayster gos to send a Friend Request to someone, he recieves that error message and has to manually remove pending Friend Requests. Do this every single day and it will become annoying. However, PlayStation hasn’t implemented a simple feature that would save Clayster time, and many other gamers time.

Clayster Wants PS4 to add this one feature

A simple feature that Clayster would want PS4 to add is the “Delete All” option.  Clay says, “Dude, I hate the Friend Requests thing in this game bro.” He then continues and says,

“Why is there not a Delete All button man. Common, this is 2019”.

He’s absolutely right. It’s 2019, and a simple option such as “Delete All” isn’t available is rather puzzling. Why would PlayStation not come up with this feature right from the get go? It’s as if there are no multiplayer gamers at PlayStation, because if you play online then you would know right away that a feature like this is needed.

Clayster Friend Request Delete All Button PS4 Add This eUnited Call of Duty
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However, not everyone is Clayster and receives thousands of friend requests, so it’s possible that PlayStation never even forecast such a situation. Then when Clayster tries to delete someone in order to add a new friend, the system says he cannot delete that friend request. We feel Claysters pain, and if PlayStation is reading this, please help Clayster and other gamers who want to have a more enjoyable experience in the PS4 dashboard.

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