CDL Los Angeles Home Series Winners – Dallas Empire

CDL Los Angeles Home Series Winners - Dallas Empire
  • The Dallas Empire are the CDL Los Angeles Home Series Champions. They defeated the Minnesota Rokkr to win the tournament. Here is everything you need to know about the CDL Los Angeles Home Series finals match. 

CDL Los Angeles Home Series Winners – Dallas Empire

The CDL Los Angeles Home Series was the third esports tournament of the Call of Duty League. Eight teams competed for a prize pool of $100,000. After the first day, some lingering questions were answered. The big question was whether or not OpTic Gaming LA would be able to get a win under their belt. Their first match against the LA Guerrillas was a nail-biter as they managed to get a reverse sweep against them to win their first game in the league. They continued that momentum in their next game against Minnesota Rokkr, sweeping them 3-0. The Los Angeles Guerrillas lost all their games at their shared home series. However, they were able to find a new star in the team’s replacement of Aches; Vivid. Vivid was one of the outstanding players in the tournament, turning heads and winning ver the CDL casters. Although the LAG didn’t do well in this event, their future looks brighter now with Vivid on the squad.

The Semi-Finals was a treat for CDL fans. The Dallas Empire booked their ticket to the finals by beating OpTic Gaming LA 3 to 1. Both teams were neck at neck, and each game was close, however, the veterans Clayster and C6 came through for their team to lead by example and shut down OpTic Gaming’s all-star line-up of Kuavo, Slasher, Dashy, TJHaly and Jkap. Prior to the game, C6 (Crimsix) called out Jkap, and said “I’m coming for you“. Fortunately for him, it worked out and the Empire move on to go for their first home series title.


In the other Semi-Final match, Minnesota Rokkr and Atlanta FaZe went the full 9-yards. Both teams exchanged matches and were heading to a game 5 playing Search and Destroy. Atlanta FaZe lost a few nail-biters which could have sent them to the finals to face the Empire, but the Rokkr had something to say about that as they were looking to get revenge after losing in a reverse sweep against the FaZe in the last event in Atlanta.  The Semi-Finals match went to a game 5 SnD where the Rokkr dominated FaZe and handed them their first-ever loss in the CDL. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for FaZe especially since they had their chance to move to the finals in game 4 of the series.

CDL Los Angeles Home Series Finals – Dallas Empire VS Minnesota Rokkr

The Dallas Empire would face the Minnesota Rokkr in the Los Angeles Home Series finals. Both teams will be in the finals for the first time in the Call of Duty League and looking for their first home series event win.


  • Dallas Empire
    • Ian Porter – C6 aka CRIMSIX
    • James Eubanks – CLAYSTER
    • Cuyler Garland – HUKE
    • Anthony Cuevas – SHOTZZY
    • Indervir Dhaliwal – ILLEY
  • Minnesota Rokkr
    • Justin Fargo Palmer – Silly
    • Alex Carpenter – ALEXX
    • Adam Garcia  – ASSAULT
    • Obaid Asim – ASIM
    • Adam Brown – GODRX
CDL Los Angeles Home Series Finals Dallas Empire VS Minnesota Rokkr esports

First Match: Rammaza – Hardpoint

In the first match, Dallas Empire wanted to set the tone as they captured the first hardpoint and went up 46 points. On the rotation, Minnestoa Rokkr wasn’t going to let the Empire capture the second hardpoint and go ahead so easily. Alexx held down the second hardpoint nicely for his teammates to come in. The match was going towards an exchange of hardpoints, both teams setting up shop early to establish their zone. At the mid way point, Both teams had the same amount of K/D split evenly, with Clayster and Huke on Empire in the positive and Silly and GodRx for Rokkr in the positive. It was an evenly played match but Empire took it away towards the end winning the first match.

  • Dallas Empire Win – 250-181 Hardpoint

Second Match: St.Petrograd – Search and Destroy

The Empire took an easy first round win C6, Clay and Huke leading the way. But the Minnesota Rokkr fought back to get two rounds in a row. It was a sniper battle between iLLeY and GodRx, which both have been striving in the tournament on St.Petrograd in the tourny. The Search and Destroy match was a close as could be, with both teams going back and forth until Dallas ran with the game in round 10. They go up 2-0 in the series.

  • Dallas Empire Win – 6-4 Search and Destroy

Third Match: Gun Runner – Domination

With the Rokkr down 2 games to none, they were looking for something to grab onto and change the direction of the matches. Despite the score being 2-0 for Empire, the matches have been incredibly close, and a few mistakes on Empire’s side would have shifted the match in favor of the Rokkr. On Gun Runner, we had another close match between the two teams, both trying to dominate the mid as that is the heart and soul of Domination. Minnesota was doing a good job keeping B midway in the game and because of that, they were able to hold onto the win, stopping the Empire from an early victory dance.

  • Minnesota Win – 158-149 – Domination

Fourth Match: Hackney Yard – Hardpoint

With the win in Dom, the Rokkr were looking to carry that momentum into another Hardpoint match. They lost the first Hardpoint on Rammaza, but that was a close match as well so anything is possible. As was the start of all the other matches, this one was quite even with Dallas eventually pulling ahead on the third hardpoint. Assault for the Rokkr had some clutch moments and Asim started getting going after going 2-8 in the match. The match was shifted towards Empires favor going up 225 to Rokkrs 196. Everyone including the CDL casters thought the match was over with Empire putting a stamp in their victory, but Alexx of the Rokkr came through with some key gun battles as well as a hardpoint time total of 1:46 to pull the win, evening up the series 2-2. It was a very close call.

  • Minnesota Win – 250-247 – Hardpoint

Fifth Match: Gun Runner – Search and Destroy

The CDL would see it’s very first map 5 at a finals event and it wasn’t going to disappoint. Dallas won the first SnD match and were hoping to repeat it on Gun Runner. The Empire have been very strong in Search and Destroy throughout the tournament and it should heading into the final game 5. The Empire, lead by Clasyter and Huke in the final match were having a top notch game, winning the gun battles and showing the Los Angeles crowd that they are hungry for the win. The Minnesota Rokkr were struggling in the first 3 games with only Silly going positive with 4 kills and 3 deaths. The Rokkr were looking for something to change the dynamics of the game and slow down the Empire.

The Rokkr managed to get 2 games in, closing the lead 4-2. But Empire closed out the series, winning the next two rounds in dominant fashion. Clayster had one of his best rounds in SnD in the event which helped the Empire have a giant step ahead of Rokkr throughout the last match. Dallas win 6-2.

  • Dallas Empire Win – 6-2 – Hardpoint
Dallas Empire Beat Minnesota Rokkr at Los Angeles Home Series 2020

Dallas Empire Home Series Champions

The Dallas Empire won their first Call of Duty League home series event in fashion. After not participating at the CDL Atlanta Home Series, they came back and dominated the field proving to everyone that they are a top 3 team in the CDL. Huke picked up his first title which means that the CDL world wouldn’t have to hear about him not winning a title for so long. Huke also went 13-5 in the last match in SnD, silencing his critiques.

Dallas Empire Champions of CDL Los Angeles Series Tournament esports

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