CDL Florida Home Series Winners – Atlanta FaZe

CDL Florida Home Series Winners - Atlanta FaZe
  • The Atlanta FaZe are the CDL Florida Home Series Champions. They defeated OpTic Gaming Los Angeles to win the tournament. Here is everything you need to know about the CDL Florida Home Series finals match. 

CDL Florida Home Series Winners – Atlanta FaZe

The CDL Florida Home Series was the seventh esports tournament of the Call of Duty League. Eight teams competed for a prize pool of $100,000. The Dallas Empire and Chicago Huntsmen, two of the leagues best teams were sitting out of this tournament, leaving room for others to prosper. The home series continued to be an online-only event where players, casters and staff would stay home due to COVID-19 precautionary measures. For the most part, games have been quite consistent away from LAN, which many were thinking was going to change the playing field.

The Semi-Finals included the Atlanta FaZe, New York Subliners, OpTic Gaming LA and Toronto Ultra. It was a different semi-finals than we’re used to seeing as fans would finally see two new teams make it to the semis; Ultra and Subliners.

CDL fans weren’t sure of what to expect in the finals. The first series had two teams that were equally performing well, and both very hungry to reach their first finals in the inaugural season. Toronto’s performance in prior home series has been on an uptrend, while OpTic Gaming have continued to underperform, however, this event was different. OGLA made a roster change by bringing in Chino to replace Jkap. This move was done in hopes of changing the team’s dynamics, and possibly finding a winning combination. It seemed to do the trick has the team has performed overall better than it has previously, and it showed during the series with Toronto. It was a close game, and despite how well Ultra was playing this tournament, OpTic Gaming managed to pull through at the very end in a game 5, round 11 Search and Destroy match with Slasher closing the deal and solidifying a birth in the finals. It was an incredible series to watch, and some even saying it’s the best series the league has seen this season.

The second series also had it’s moments, with FaZe and Subliners dueling it out to a game 5 alert which many anticipated considering how well the Subliners have been doing in the Florida Home Series. Probably one of the highlights of the series was Temp’s ninja defuse on Priestahh to tie the SnD match 3-3.

Priestahh was defending the bombsite and missed Temp going in for the defuse. The casters couldn’t believe that this was being done in front of a world-class player like Priestahh and Temp closed the books with another impressive clutch on that map. Despite that being the play of the century, Atlanta was able to take the series in a game 5 with a 6-3 SnD win to secure their spot in the finals and take on OpTic Gaming LA.

CDL Chicago Home Series Finals – Dallas Empire VS Atlanta FaZe

The Atlanta FaZe would face the OpTic Gaming LA in the Florida Home Series finals. It would be Faze’s 3rd appearance in the Call of Duty League home series finals while OpTic Gaming have finally made their way there after facing an abundance of criticism around the league for the lack of their performance. OpTic would be looking to claim their first title in the league while Atlanta would look to join Dallas Empire as the only two teams to win two events.

Florida Home Series Finals Quick Scope KD Comparison FaZe OpTic Gaming
@CDL YouTube

There was a quick scope of both teams leading up to this match showcasing their wins/losses, Respawn K/D and Search and Destroy KD, which was night and day in comparison.

Call of Duty League Players Staying at Home Florida Finals COVID-19
Source: CDL YouTube


  • Atlanta FaZe
    • Tyler Pharris – ABEZY
    • Michael Szymaniak – MAJORMANIAK
    • Chris Lehr – SIMP
    • McArthur Jovel – CELLIUM
    • Preston Greiner – PRIESTAHH
  • OpTic Gaming LA
    • Kenny Williams – KUAVO aka KENNY
    • Brandon Otell – DASHY
    • Thomas Haly – TJHALY
    • Austin Liddicoat – SLASHER
    • Martin Chino – CHINO

First Match: Azhir Cave – Hardpoint

The last two times fans have seen FaZe play on Azhir Cave, Simp has broken the kill record consecutively where he got 49 kills the first time, and broke that record by getting 50. As the match started, Chino of Optic Gaming got the first blood on Priestahh and TJHaly followed suit with a kill on Simp to capture the hardpoint first. OGLA continued their coverage of the first hardpoint before rotating to the 2nd hardpoint where FaZe had an advantage. It was a fairly tight game with FaZe taking the lead for some time, but OpTic Gaming turned things around with some clutch plays from TJHaly and Slasher to secure hardpoint time and push them over FaZe for the first map win.

  • OpTic Gaming Win – 250-232 Hardpoint

Second Match: Arklov Peak – Search and Destroy

OpTic Gaming were heading into the 2nd map on a high, while FaZe’s ego’s were a little bruised after dropping one of their best maps. OpTic took the first round which sparked some concern for FaZe fans. But FaZe were able to hit them back with 3 straight wins to go ahead. But OpTic Gaming were on a whole other level than what we’re used to seeing, and with some great gun battles from Slasher, the series was tied up 3-3. Both teams would exchange rounds to eventually go to a round 11 where we’d see a turning point for the entire series.

It was a 1v2 situation for Cellium who was up against TJHaly and Slasher on the defend. Cellium knew that OpTic was going to plant the bomb and headed towards the site right when Slasher planted. Cellium was able to get through the smoke to catch Slasher leaving and make it a 1v1. TJHaly was now in an easy situation where he had to keep his eyes on the bomb, however, Cellium knew he had to make a move around to try and catch TJ off guard. An eventual wrap around lead to a straight long-distance gunfight where Cellium would gun down TJ and go in for the defuse. If Cellium would have lost that, OpTic would have been up 2-0 and most likely riding their momentum to the Florida Home Series title.

  • Atlanta FaZe Win – 6-5 Search and Destroy

Third Match: Hackney Yard – Domination

With momentum on FaZe’s side, they were looking to ride the wave into Hackney Yard. OpTic wouldn’t let the last match throw them off as they started off strong, capturing two hills and going up 31-16. It was a battle for B where both teams were exchanging domination and keeping the score even. Dashy was having a great game, keeping FaZe off of the B hill. But OpTic’s lead didn’t last long as FaZe were able to pull through and go ahead 82-76 at half time.

In the second half, it was all Atlanta FaZe who captured the B hill and held on for the entire second half, securing their 2nd win of the series and moving one step closer to capturing their 2nd CDL title.

  • Atlanta FaZe Win – 170-149 – Domination

Fourth Match: St. Petrograd – Hardpoint

Atlanta FaZe were looking to close out the series, on one of their better maps. Right off the start, TJHaly got first blood on Priestahh and OGLA captured the first hardpoint. This was the same start they had on the first map on Azhir Cave. But Atlanta wasn’t going to let that go too far as they fought right back. But OpTic was on a mission and trying to make their first finals showing count by not giving up any time soon. They pushed their way up to have a near tripple point lead; 64-24. But Cellium would have his thoughts on that and he was making sure to capture as much time on his own to shrink the gap of the score. At that point with Celliums push, FaZe were able to crawl back and tie things up at 70-70 before taking the lead and maintaining that throughout the rest of the match. At one point FaZe were up 50 points, getting to the 245 mark while OpTic were at 195 and trying everything they can to hold off the hardpoints. Despite some close calls and OpTic hanging on for dear life, FaZe were able to capture all 250 needed points to win the series and capture their 2nd home series title.

  • Florida Mutineers Win – 250-115- Hardpoint
Atlanta FaZe Celebration Winning Florida Home Series 2020 Against OpTic
Call of Duty League YT

Atlanta FaZe Florida Home Series Champions

OpTic Gaming put on a great fight against one of the best teams in the league, and despite losing the finals, there are many positives they can take from this tournament. Atlanta FaZe, on the other hand, were able to secure their 2nd Home Series title after losing to the Dallas Empire in the last event in Chicago. FaZe had a flawless tournament, winning all their matches. Their toughest matches were in the semis against New York Subliners and the finals wasn’t a walk in the park as OpTic Gaming came out hard. The turning point of the series was Cellium beating TJHaly on the defend with the SnD match tied 5-5. If TJHaly would have won that 1v1, we might possibly have seen a different outcome. But Atlanta FaZe are one of the deadliest teams out there, and if you give them a small opening, they’ll take it.

Atlanta are your Florida Home Series Winners.

Florida Home Series Champions Atlanta FaZe Esports

**Featured image source: @@ATLFaZe Twitter

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