CDL Dallas Home Series Winners – Florida Mutineers

  • The Florida Mutineers are the CDL Dallas Home Series Champions. They defeated the Minnesota Rokkr to win the tournament. Here is everything you need to know about the CDL Dallas Home Series finals match. 

CDL Dallas Home Series Winners – Florida Mutineers

The CDL Dallas Home Series was the fourth esports tournament of the Call of Duty League. Eight teams competed for a prize pool of $100,000. This home series was a special one as it would be the first home series event to be played entirely online due to the Coronavirus. In late February, news about COVID-19 started to dominate the news, with thousands of people contracting the virus. Since COVID-19 is highly contagious, the CDL moved all live events to online play.

The Semi-Finals had the usual suspects which has been the same outcome in previous home series events. The Florida Mutineers and Minnesota Rokkr climbed their way back to the Semi-Finals after dropping their games on day 1. Both teams had been having great success in the league so far, and even without Prestinni in the Mutineers line-up, Fero has stepped in an filled in those big shoes.

The Rokkr would be looking at another shot against the Dallas Empire after losing to them in the LA Home Series Finals in 5 games. It was a close match that showed the Rokkr can compete with any of the top teams in the league. The Rokkr started off the semi-finals with a win, with Silly showing up to play. The Empire fought back with a 6-1 win in Search & Destroy, one of their better gamemodes. But it wasn’t the Empires day as the Rokkr got sweet revenge, winning 3-1 in the series.

The next match up was a call waiting for the Chicago Huntsmen as they were looking to get payback after the Mutineers eliminated them from the semis at the Atlanta Home Series. The Huntsmen got off to a good start with a win in Hardpoint, but that was all they were able to muster as the Florida Mutineers won three straight games in a row, beating the Huntsmen again for the second time in a semi-finals and eliminating them from the tournament. At this point, calling this an upset wouldn’t be fitting as the Mutineers look like one of the best teams in the league right now.

CDL Los Angeles Home Series Finals – Florida Mutineers VS Minnesota Rokkr

The Florida Mutineers would face the Minnesota Rokkr in the Dallas Home Series finals. Both teams will be in the finals for the second time in the Call of Duty League and looking for their first home series event win. The Mutineers lost to Atlanta FaZe in Atlanta, and the Rokkr lost to Dallas in the last event. It would finally come down to these two teams in the end, and both had similar stats heading into the final.

CDL Los Dallas Home Series Finals Mutineers Rokkr Stats KD esports


  • Florida Mutineers
    • Maurice Henriquez – FERO (in for Prestinni)
    • Bradley Bergstrom – FROSTY
    • Cesar Bueno – SKYZ
    • Colt McLendon – HAVOK
    • Chance Moncivaez – MAUX
  • Minnesota Rokkr
    • Justin Fargo Palmer – Silly
    • Alex Carpenter – ALEXX
    • Adam Garcia  – ASSAULT
    • Obaid Asim – ASIM
    • Adam Brown – GODRX
CDL Dallas Home Series Maps and Modes Finals
CDL Players Staying at Home Dallas Finals Coronavirus

First Match: Azhir Cave- Hardpoint

The Rokkr are 6-2 on this map in this mode while the Mutineers are 4-2 on this map and mode.  Havok got the first blood on Alexx and looked to set the tone for the match. The Rokkr got the first lead on the hill and Florida was trying to get the contest while rotating for the next round. Florida eventually broke the Rokkr and kept the lead at 50-30.  Both teams were handling their rotations properly, and entering the next hardpoint to keep the game very close. Towards the end of the game, Asim was flanking the Mutineers, hoping to hold them back, but in the next rotation, Florida managed to get to the hill first and hold it down. It was a tie game at 241-241 but the Rokkr managed to get one important gunfight battle to take the game.

  • Minnesota Rokkr Win – 250-241 Hardpoint

Second Match: Piccadilly – Search and Destroy

The Mutineers took an easy first-round, setting the tone for the match. Rokkr took the next match in a 2v1 win on plant. This seemed to boil up Skyz and Havok and they would help the Mutineers take the next 2 matches, going up by 2. Havok at this point had a 7/3 KD and Skyz had a 5/3 KD, leading their team. For the Rokkr, Assault was at a 1.0 KD and Silly at a 5/3 KD with everyone else in the negative. The Mutineers continued to be strong and in round 7 with Fero closing the match against Silly.

  • Florida Mutineers Win – 6-2 Search and Destroy

Third Match: St.Petrograd – Domination

Right off the start, Florida rushed B to secure it with C, getting many kills in a row and setting the pace for the 3 map. Asim and GodRx were trying to capture B from the sides, but were unsuccessful. Florida continued doing a great job defending the mid-point and watching their flanks. The Rokk were able to take the Mutineers off the B point, but they weren’t able to capture it and Florida came right back to secure it. At this point in the match it was a 61-37 lead for Mutineers. Only 3 of 5 players on Rokkr have captured any points while the Mutineers had all players capture 2 flags apiece. This continued all the way through the end of the match and the Rokkr were unsuccessful in capturing the mid-point, B.

  • Florida Mutineers Win – 194-117 – Domination

Fourth Match: Gun Runner – Hardpoint

The fourth match was a do or die scenario for the Rokkr. They needed someone to turn up and lead the way, but it seemed that they were too far gone to make any sort of comeback and it showed on the final map. The Mutineers rushed the first hardpoint in mid, similarily like they did in the last match on B. The Mutineers took a 30-6 point lead, staying on top of their rotations and beating the Rokkr in every gun fight. Minnesota finally got things together and cut down the lead in at the 2nd hardpoint. But Florida was on top of every one of their rotations and getting to the next hardpoint first, making it very difficult for the Rokkr to establish any type of momentum.

At this point, the Minnesota Rokkr were rolling in negative KD while Florida were all in the positive. Towards the end of the match, the Mutineers were too far ahead for the Rokkr to come back. Fero was winning all the important gun battles while capturing the hardpoints with Maux. Both players were having a great match and helped the Mutineers record their first-ever event series win.

  • Florida Mutineers Win – 250-115- Hardpoint
Florida Mutineers Champions of CDL Dallas Home Series Tournament esports

Florida Mutineers Dallas Home Series Champions

The Florida Mutineers won their first Call of Duty League home series event in convincing fashion. After the eventful win against the Huntsmen in the semis in Atlanta, they fell to the Atlanta FaZe in a heartbreaker. The team never stepped down, always playing at the highest level. In the LA Home Series, they conceded to Dallas in the quarter-finals. Despite that loss, the team always kept their head high, and even without PRestinni, Fero was able to come in a prove that he can be a solid starter for the Mutineers. On the verge of elimination early on in the Dallas Home Series, they not only managed to climb back into the semis, but they were able to beat the #1 ranked team in the CDL, again. It seemed like Florida was destined to finally get their first home series win, and they did that today.

Florida are your Dallas Home Series Winners.

**Featured image source: @CODLeague Twitter

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