CDL Atlanta Home Series Winners – Atlanta FaZe

CDL Atlanta Home Series Winners - Atlanta FaZe
  • Atlanta FaZe are the CDL Atlanta Home Series Champions. They defeated the Florida Mutineers to win the tournament. Here is everything you need to know about the CDL Atlanta Home Series finals match. 

CDL Atlanta Home Series Winners – Atlanta FaZe

The CDL Atlanta Home Series was the second esports tournament of the Call of Duty League. Eight teams competed for a chance at a first-place $50,000 prize. After day 1, Chicago Huntsmen and Atlanta FaZe were clear favorites to meet up in the finals as they both cruised into the semis, waiting to meet their opponents. Toronto Ultra and OpTic Gaming LA were the first teams to be sent home. OpTic continues to struggle, losing all their matches to date. The Toronto Ultra, on the other hand, looked impressive, especially in their match against the Chicago Huntsmen in which they took the CDL London Home Series champs to a game 5 in a nail-biter.

In the next bracket, Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens were sent home; both teams having a decent showing. Minnesota Rokkr and Floriday Mutineers would move on to the semis on Day 2 to meet their match. In the first semi-final match, the Rokkr shocked the CDL world by going up 2-0 against the young guns, Atlanta FaZe. It was the first time the FaZe were put in a situation of being down 0-2, let alone losing two maps in a series. In the entire CDL league to date, FaZe only dropped one map and was on the brink of elimination. But the “tiny terrors” of Simp and Abezy rallied to bring the group together and do an impressive reverse sweep, landing them in the finals.

The second semi-final match would also be a nail-biter between the Huntsmen and the Mutineers. Chicago went up 2-0 which most predicted would happen. However, what everyone watching didn’t predict would be the fire coming out of the Mutineers group. Lead by Prestinni, Florida came back two games in a row to shock the Huntsmen and tie the series 2-2. In the final match, it went down to S&D where the Mutineers won 5 in a row to beat the Chicago Huntsmen, handing them their first loss in the league. The dream match-up between FaZe and the Huntsmen would not happen, instead, the underdogs that shocked the world and beat the #1 ranked team in the CDL. It was an emotional ending with the twins, Prestinni and Arcitys having a special moment on stage.

Arcitys Crying Prestinni CDL esports Atlanta Huntsmen Mutineers
Source: @CODLeague

CDL Atlanta Home Series Finals – FaZe VS Mutineers

The Atlanta FaZe would face the Florida Mutineers in the Atlanta Home Series finals. Both teams got to the finals through a reverse sweep which is a first in the Call of Duty League. Both teams were looking for the first Home Series win.

Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers CDL Atlanta Finals Roster


  • Atlanta FaZe 
    • Tyler “Abezy” Pharris
    • Michael “Majormaniak” Szymaniak
    • Chris “Simp” Lehr
    • McArthur “Cellium” Jovel
    • Preston “Priestahh” Greiner
  • Florida Mutineers
    • Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson
    • Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom
    • Cesar “Skyz” Bueno
    • Colt “Havok” McLendon
    • Chance “Maux” Moncivaez
CDL Atlanta Home Series Finals Atlanta FaZe VS Florida Mutineers esports

First Match: St Petrograd – Hardpoint

Florida Mutineers started off strong, trying to send a message to Atlanta FaZe that they mean business. The Mutineers went up 38 points holding down the first two hardpoints. But Atlanta FaZe continued putting the pressure at the next rotations and grabbed some hill-time points to get closer to the Mutineers. FaZe were spawning awat from the next hardpoints which put them at a disadvantage while the Mutineers kept holding down the hardpoints.

Both teams were neck at neck, and Prestyinnit was looking great, capturing hardpoints and trying to bring the Mutineers at the front. But Simp would stop Prestinni’s momentum and lead FaZe to take the lead. Cellium, who was the MVP in the last game against the Rokkr was holding downhill spots and allowing his team to recoup and get back to the hardpoint. FaZe were up 158 to 86 with Simp and Abezy continuing to win the necessary gun battles to capture the hardpoints. Simp was going on a 2:1 KD, leading the way and keep FaZe at bay. Despite the Mutineers efforts, FaZe drew away with a massive lead, pushing the hills and taking control to win the first match. Priestahh gets Play of the match.

  • Atlanta FaZe Win – 250-138 Hardpoint

Second Match: Gun Runner – Search and Destroy

The Mutineers were looking to bounce back after losing the first match convincingly against FaZe. Right off the start, ABeZy charged mid to get 2 kills and first blood, setting the tone for the SnD match. Priestahh went on the flank to get some kills but Prestinni managed to take him out and get two more kills. Skyz helped out with his two kills to take the first round. The Mutineers continued in the second round quickly taking out Atlanta FaZe to go up 2-0. FaZe came back to win round 3 but the Mutineers took round 4 to go up 3-1. At this point Majormaniak has yet to find a kill, but finally got a drop against Havok to bring the series close 2-3.

Both teams would exchange games, with the Mutineers still leading the match 3-4. However, the Atlanta FaZe were on fire, and were winning all the major gun fights to win three straight SnD matches and take the match 6-4.

  • Atlanta FaZe Win – 6-4 Search and Destroy

Third Match: St Petrograd – Domination

The Mutineers started the round aggressively, knowing what is at stake if they don’t command some sort of lead in the 3rd match/ Being down 2-0 in the series, Florida fans were looking at some players to step up, and Skyz with Frosty were there to answer. The Mutineers Took A and B quickly to get a lead at 74. Both teams were trying to flank each other and grab the spawn point. At the halfway point of the match Florida were in the lead with 77-73.

In the second half of Domination, the Mutineers were doing a good job keeping midpoint B and their spawn C. Priestahh had a clutch moment in Florida’s spawn, taking out two Mutineers and grabbing their point. FaZe ended up capturing all 3 domination points to take the lead 110 to 101. Florida recaptured a spawn point and now had an uphill battle to recapture the important mid point B. But they were not successful and FaZe won the third match, sweeping the Florida Mutineers to capture the Home Series title in Atlanta.

  • Atlanta FaZe Win – 148-137 – Domination

Atlanta FaZe Home Series Champions

The Atlanta FaZe became the first team to win on home soil in the new Call of Duty League. After not participating at the CDL London Home Series due to setup of the schedule, they came back in fashion showing the CDL world that they are one of the best, if not the best Call of Duty esports team. Cellium picked up the MVP trophy for his performance against the Minnesota Rokkr and the Florida Mutineers. FaZe is the only team in the CDL that are not defeated. Congratulations to the Atlanta FaZe for an incredible showing and resilience throughout the tournament.

Atlanta FaZe Champions of CDL Atlanta Series Tournament esports

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